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January 25, 2019     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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January 25, 2019

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JANUARY 25, 2019 PAGE 13B p& day. with r6gad to the Stalutas, the undersigned ' (SEE HIBIT wA ), during chages. Additional inlere 2017, S3,958.7O, 82.08, 2018- Float WeeMloat Unk, 2014- in this notice or tak6 olher 500. 567, 47, EVEN, 112, tollowing real pDp6r located T st68 shall: (1) Provide you Un Week(s) (SEE HIBIT continuasto aGcw8 allhe t6 357807; LINDA K VAUNCIA 2017, S3,962.29, S2.o7, 2018- app priat6 a ion wrm r Fwed xed Unrt, 2012- in ORANGE Coun,Florida: wrfh wrmen notice of the 5al8, A"), during Assignad Yea s) ot (Sae Exhibit A"l per day. A 202 Co onwood N Jatkson, 357793: MICHAEL J NELSON to this fo&losur6 maW you 2017, S6,479.62, $2.40, 2018- (See Exhibrf A") A (SEE inGluding the date, time and - (SEE WHIBIT A . ein lian tor the aforesaid amount GA 30233, 6,664, 10, 7339 Lo&o Av6 Philadelphia, risk losing ow6nhip ot your 57806; HIB A undivided tenant location the ot: (2) Record fime Sha Plan (P per ) has been r oded againstthe EVEN, Fixed We6 x8d Unh, PA 19111, 80, 403, 6, WHOLE, ti share int8Bt thDugh the Janua 1& 1g in c ni in Phas&s) the notit6 otsalein 6 Public Add u . As a &uN ot lollowing real pDp6rfy locat6d 2014-2017, S3,958.7o, $2.08, 1, Flxed W hlFloat Unit, 2014- twst68 tor6closu protedure L 174832 (SU HIBlr A otTUSCANY R8cord5 ot ORANGE County, the ato tionad defauW, in ORANGE County, Florida: 2018-357807; LORR NE 2017, g5,6o4.31, $2.93, 2018- establishad in SaGlion 721.855, VILLAGE vAcAnoN sulns, florida; and (3) Publish a Asmialion h&aby 6|8 s to (s68 Exhibh A (SEE HIBIT SPRAWE 39 F6m Fo 35n93; JusnN T LAVIGNE Florida S atrtes. You may asd8scrib8dinthaD6claration topy ot tha notiG8 ot s 6 sall M6 PDp8rty pufiuam A Tlmesha lm& rtls)(sEE Rd Hol wood, fl NO26- 71 Main sl & East HaMod, Ghoose to sign and ad to NoncE OF DEFAULT nND otCovenanls. Condkions and two (2) tim6s, onte each to &ion 721.855, Florida HIBIT A as dafinad in 1172. 1,1 4, 23, ODD. CT 06118. 80. 407, 1, ODD, th6 undenign bu e,ro FORECLOSE R8stri ionsth8 otas cord6d waek, tor two (2) suGceM va Stat . Please be advised tha D6Gla tion ot Covanants, F 6d W klFw Unk, 2013-,S6ason-flo W Mlo encl obj ion torm, ohn nLL in O.R. Book 6630, Paga w86ks, in an ORANGE County thatinth6 av t the d6bt Condkion5 and Re rictions 2017, $4.941.11. S1.62, 201& Unh. 2015-2017, $2,197.52, exe ising your rigMto obj T . T 4259 intha Public R6cods ot n6wspap6r, provided sum a ow6dtoth8Asmiationis not tor g&e Lak,|||,omtial 357807; NHAN v NGUYEN t1.15,2O1&357783;GERARD to e us6 ot tha,Pu am to S ion 6 Coun,Florida, and n8w5pap8r exists at the time paidw hinthi y-fiv8(35)day5 R ods Book 5391, at Paga 117 MillC DrRincon,GA DAU 7 Ha em St to ow pmadu . Upon 721.855, norida Sl , ,dmant lheBo (the ot publishin lf you tail o a 6r aipt ot the Notice, 3172, ot th6 PubliG R od 31326, 6,646, 12, WHOU, You ow, OH 44510, 100, th6 und8nign6d bu 's le und gn T 86 as D laration . G nt ows cu th6 de uW as set to h the und8Rign8d Twst8B ot Orange Coun,Florida (the 1,Flx6dW k1 x6dUnh.2014- N, N, Valua S6ason-Float iptofyoursiqnad obj ion app nt6d by wEsTGAn a Typa (SEE HIBIT wA.) in i5 notite or take o er sh,pD w h Ma s e Plan,and all am6ndm6nt(s) 2017, $6,627.32, M.49, 201& W66Mbal Unh, 2014-2017, torm, the l osure ot tha LAWS OWNERS Vac n own rnip ln a (SEE appropri e artion wkh gard ot the PD as pDvid8d th6ao, rf any. Togath6r wrfh 357807; RUNEU GUYTON t1,9o5.o9,$1.oo,2o1&357793; lian wrth p to 6 dalauW Assoc noN. INC. HIB .A hkeandsh lbe tothisto&losu maW you in in &ion 721.855, florida the right to ocwpy, punuant B PATRICIA GUYTON 5655 nREsAG LBoNzAPo Box sp8Gifi8d in this no ca 9h,a^ ta d to as ui dto makea ation risk lo ng own hip ol your SBut . the undenigned to the Plan, Building-Unk(s) Bay lsland Cay NW wor,912 Bardrtown, KY 40004, be wbj6rt to lhe judici . i ion h by torm ly tor a hk6, wrfh eve (SEE ti a int& tM ughthe Tw sh |: (1) PD d6 you (SEE HIBIT A"), durin GA3O1O1,4 .421,36,ODD, 100, 49, ODD,Saason- toraclosu pDc8du on . notma (Sae Exhibh A that HIB A oKupancy tw to Glosu pD dul8 wrmwrm6n not ofthesale, Unrf weeWsl (SEE HIBl F W w Unrf, 2011- Float oat Unrf, 2013- You hav6 tha right to curB you alain datauW duato your rigMs in aGGordanc8 wrth tha 65tablish8din &ion 721.855, intluding th6 data, ti and A,durinR ANign6d Y s) 2017, S5,888.36, $1.40, 201& 2017. S3,483.12, S1.15, 2018- your da uw in e mana s6 f lu topayau sn nt(sldu6 plovisions ot tha D6claration. norida St rtes. You may location th&Bor, (2) R old - (SEE IBIT A . e n 35780T; UANNE M GIBBS 357793:MICHAELUEB0NZA lorth in is notica al any me for(S Mibh A")punuantto Together wkh an appurfenant choose to sign and end o thenoli otsalein Me Publit Tlma Sha Plan (P p6rtyT Po Box 12742 Cha oW6. NC 407 N 3rd St Ba stow, KY b&o th6W 'E otyour a ion' s qoveming undivid6d interest in common the und8nign6d t rtee the R oTds ot ORANGE Coun,Add N . As a resuW ot 2822 2T42, 6,656. 4, -1629, 1,48. ODD, ti&a inta t.ltyoudonot docu&s ( oveming Q6m8n ol th6 PDj8rt a5 enclosad objetlion torm, Florida: and (3) Publish a th6 atoreme ioned datauW, WEN, Fwed Wee F Unh, #| n-Floal klfloat ob om8usaol 8h 66 D uas and you now d6Kribad in tha Decara ion. 8w8rGising your right to obje topy ot the notica of sale ANociation haraby ela s to 2014-2017, S3,9O8.7O, t2.O6, Unrt, 2013-2017, S3,483.12, to losu pDc6du .you,owe Asmiali n (Sea Mibh Roje 48 - lnte al Conl,lo the use ot th6 t ee two (2) lim85, once each s6|| the PDp6rty pu uant 2018-357807:EMERVEGIBBS t1.15, 2018-35n93; KEUY not b6 subj to a d6fiGi cy .A whid unt includ6s Numba s): (SEE HIBIT toreclosu pDc8du . Upon w66k, tor two (2) succ6ssiv8 to Se ion 721.855, Florida 1886 Gola Dr Fayena lla, NC E KEVSER Po Box 2033 N6w judgm8ntav6n h th6 pme s im&e . late t,and oth& A 6 n Tlm6 Sha Plan tha undenigned tw5t88' w,in an ORANGE Coun St es. Please ba advisad 28301, 600, 656, 4, EVEN. prt Rchy, n34656-2033, 100, homthasaleolyourtim h d . Addhional int t Add w").AsarasuW B8iptotyoursiqnedobi ion n6wspapar, provided 5uch a hal in ha aventthatthe debt Fixed WeeMiwad Unk, 2014- 2. WHOLE. 1, Valu6 S6ason- i &a a insumcient to mnu6sto aKw8 atther e ot 18 ato ioned detauW, torm, the to cosuP of th6 nawspapar exi s the time owadlotha Associationis not 2017, 83.9O8.TO, $2.06, noat ehlnoat Unit, 2015- oWBtha amoums s u d by of(S Mibh A perday. A HT h&aby al6 s lo sell Me lien wrfh spB to the dafault ol publishinq. lt you f,to paid Min thir -five (35T days 2018-357807; AIDA AMPARO 2017, $3,907.32, S2.o5, 201& the li6n. By: GREENSPOON lian tor the ato id a Dunt PDp8rfy punuant to &ion spetifiad in this notice shall cu lha daauW as set forth aWer &eipt ot the Notic6, ZOGHBI R d tia lnoa 357793; HOWARD COSIER MARDER, Tw9t . has Bord6d against the 721.856, Florida S at es. be subjart to the judicial in this notita or tak6 other the undanigned T ae PalaceAApt-82APiso 8 Paseo 4680-18I Monticallo Ave HIBIT A" - NontE OF tollow pDp8rty lotated Please b6 advisad th in the to closu pDc6dure only. appropriata a ion wrm raga shall p ceed wkh the s e Enriqua Caracas, 01 1 w167 Wllliamsbug, VA 23188, DEFAULT hND INTENT TO in o GE Coun,Florida: event that the d6bt ow6d to You have the right to cu tothisto&lo5u maW6r, you ot the p perty as p vided VENQUEL 4,431, 16, 100. 45, ODD, V ue Season- FORECLOSE (s68 Exhibk A (SEE HIBIT HT is not paid wrfhin thirfy- your detauW in the manner set risk losing owenhip ot your in in Saclion 721.855, Florida WHOLE, 1 Flx6d W xed Float W6eklfloat Unh, 2013- Owne s) Addrau Building A Tlme Ma lnte st(s) (SEE fiva (35) days a er racaipt of torth in lhis notica al any tima tim6sha inte th ugh the St utas, the undarsigned Unh. 2015-2017, S5,146.32, 2017, $3,222.38, 81 2018- Unrf Week Year TS Undividad HIBIT A as defined in this notiG8, the undenignad beto thet stea's saleotyour twstae fo closu pDc8dur8 Twstee shall: (1) Provid6 you $2.72, 2018-N7807; JANE D 357793; ANDREW MICHAEL lnta SaasonTS PhaseYean 18 D la ion ot cov ams, T stee sh,pDc88d with the timasharain e st.ltyoudonot establishedin Se ion 721.855, with wrmen notice ofthe sale, ST JEAN a MICHAEL w ST H 8215 Rolling Stone Dalinquant Amount Par Di Condkions and R rirtions s 6 ot tha PDp8rfy as p vided objacttoth8us6of h8t st88 Florida StaMas. You may including lhe dala, tima and JEAN 5917 Mapla Leat Drive Ln Unk LOoW6wah,TN 37363- COLReclnto tor We gate Lak |, O ci in &ion 721.856, Florida for6closur6 p cedu,you will choo58 to sign and send to loGation thereot: (2T Record North Jatksonville, FL 32211, 8417. 100, 38, EVEN. Value WILUAM M MUNOZ 522 Reco s Booh 5020, Page Sl 85. Punuant to ation not b6 subja to a deficiency the undenignad tw ee the the notice of sale in the Publit 200, 235, 39, WHOLE, 1, Saason-Float W66Mloat Unit. C shll Dr EWort, PA 18M 327, ot the Public R rds ot 721.856, Florida Stat,the judgment evan rf the pDcaeds anclos6d obi ion torm, Recods ot ORANGE County, Fixed WeeMixed Unk, 2014- 2014-2017, $3,255.35, $1.70, 7840 1833, 400, 412, 37, Orange CouW, florida (the undanigned Tw shall: (1) hom tha sale of your timeshare ewe ising your right to obja Florida; and E3) Publish a 201T, 86,627.32, 83.49, 201& 2018-357793; WIDE WORLD EVEN, 1 2, Fixad W Mix Plan,and all amend nt(s) PDvid8 you w h wriWan notice int6 st a insu cient to to the use ot lha twstee copy of the notice ot sale 357807; vAcAnoNs, INC A UTAH Unk, 2012-2017, $6,479.62, W&6to, it any. Tog&her with ot a sale, including the date, oWs6tth8 amount ecu d by lor lo5u pmadu . Upon two (2) times, onc6 each January 1& u, 1g coRPoRAnoN 356 N. 750 $2.40, 2018-0357808: CECIUA the right to occupy, pursuant time and lotation he of; (2) h6 li6n. By: GREENSPOON he undenigned t t88'5 week. tor two (2) suct6Niv6 L1T483O w D9, m43 Ameritan Fork, MUNOZ 522 C shll Dr EWort. to m6 Plan, Building-Unit(s) Recod tha notic6 or sale in the MARDER, uP, TMt88. receiptotyoursigned objertion we6ks, in an ORANGE Coun UT 840,100 B 1 a 100, PA1833O-7840, 400, 412. 37, (SEE HI8lT A,during Public Rato s ot ORANGE EXHIBIT A" - NoncE OF torm, tha tor losu ot tha nawspap&, pDvid8d such a a 51B a 51D, 32 a 32 a 32, EVEN, 112, Fixed W Mixed Unh k(s) (SEE WHIBIT County, Florida; and (3T Publish DEFAULT AND INnNT TO lian whh raspert to tha d6tauW newspap& ewi s at th6 tim6 NoncE OF DUAULT AND MN a MN a EVEN, 1.5,#| Unh, 2012-2017, 86,479.62, A,durinq Assigned Yaa s) a copy ot tha nolice ot sale two FORECLOSE specifi in this notice shall ot publishing. lt you tail to INnNT TO FORECLOSE se -no W loat Unk, $2.40,201&0357808;R0NALD - (SEE I8 A . e in (2Ttim85, onte aach week, tor Owna s) AddPss Building be 5ubj8 to lha judicial cu th6 defauW as sBt forth wEsTGAn LAKU v nu: 2014-2017, $4,597.62. $2.40, LsHEAaMARYBETHBsHEA Sha Plan (PDp6rty) two(2)succawiv8w86k5,in an Unit Week Year TS Undivided toreclosu pDtadura only. in this notic6 or take other n . 2018-357793; CITY UGHTS w88o7 old 16 Rd R |,Add . As a wN ot ORANGE Coun newspaper, lnte SeasonTSPhasaYaan You have the right to cure appDpriat8 artion with gad Punuanl to &ion M a M CORPORATION, wl53579-97 ,1 ,1o14,4o, Ma ato ion6d defauW, pDvid8d such a nawspapar Delinquent Amount Per am ourdetauW in e mann set to this to tlosu ma er, you 721.855, florida Statrtes, A CORPORATION DULY WHOLE, 1, Flwed W ed ion h aby el k o axi s Me tin ot publi5hing. COL Rec lnto o h inthi5 no ca anytime risk losing ownarship ot your the und8 ign6d Twst86 as ORGANIZED AND lsnNG Unit, 2014-2017, S7,7o3.65, sall Me PDp8rty punuam lt you t,o w tha detauW MICHAEL snPKowsw b6to th8t 6otyour time ha inlere th ugh the appoin ed by wEsTGAn UNDER AND BY Vl UE OF 84.o2, 2018- 57808; to Sarfion 721.855, Florida a et torfh in this notice or DANuTAsnPKowsKI69oow tim85ha im .lfyoudonot tw ee to&lo5u p cadure LAWS OWNERS THE LAWS OF THE sTAn RONALDO M D GAO a SlaMes. p as6 be advised taka oMer appopri 6 aclion FoBtP sa 8AvB Chicago. II obj6 tothe us6 otW6 66 lishedin S6 ion 721.855, ASSOCIATION, INC. OF IWNO Laura Muphy, LUCIA v SANTOS 34 Chuwh thalintha 6v6ntmatth6 debl ga to hi5to&losu 307,11oo, 1146, 11, MN, tor bwl8 p u ,you will Florida Stalul85. You may meanawer a& to Reg &ed Ag6nt 3108 s. S N1 Ma boDu MAO1752- ow8dtotha Gi ion not er, all sum5 due and 112, Flxed WeeW xad Unh, notba wbj to a dafiGi6nGy thOo58 to sign and 56nd to iation h y brm 59 N illa, IL 60564, 1,2602,200,254, ,MN,1n, paid w hinthirty-fiva(35)days owing under lhe Not6 and 2012-2017, S5,48o.59, S2.33, judga rf 6p s the undenigned t rt lhe notmes (s86 Mibh A th 47. MN, #| Season-Float Fixed klFwed Unh, 2010- aRer pt ot the Notica, Morfgap6 shall be actel& ed 2018-357805; SHUW M hom es e otyourti sha entlo d obj6 ion torm, you a in d6lauW dualo your oat Unh, 201 2017, 2017, t8,465.62, S2.4o, 2018- a und6n n8d T stee and wil b6com6 imm6diat6ly WALKER 360T Mi55ouri Ava im ala inwm ent to 6x&cising yourrightto obj f lu topay (s)due S2,9 .o5,S1.56.2o1&35n93; 035T 8; OSCAR CAM8ERO sh,wrm the s e du6 and payabl6. Addkionally, Richmond, VA 23222-2936, ow5ath8 unk 5 u d by to th6 use of the h ae tor(S8BExhibh A punuamto BRIDGrm CA ER 13NT 15108NigMhawkDrivaT ol as pDvd a5 a rewW ot I8 da uW,you 1200, 1264, 36, MN, 1 2, tha lian. By: GREENSPOON to closure pm6dut8. Upon tha ANociat n' s v ing HiGk5RoadHudson,FL346,FL N625, 1,1 4, 26, in S ion 721.855. norida ri5k losing own ip ot your Flxad, 2014-201T. S3,996.55, MARDER, Tw . ma undenigned huA '5 docum6n vem g 1 ,39, ,Floahn ,2014- EVEN, 112, F Slalrt,e u gn ti al inte A thDugh tha S2.o8, 2018-357805; PAMELA QNIBIT h - NoncE OF iptofyour5iqn8dobjertion Dowm ts and you now 2017, S2,986.o5, t1.5,2018- Unk, 2012-2017. S6,4T9.62, TwA shall: (1) PD d6 you bu to low u D B w 2817 Coun Dr DEF^ULT^NDl rO torm, the to cosu ot th6 ow6 iation (s Mibh 357793; AMANDA MONACO S2.4o. 2018- 5T : w h no ot la s 6, e&ablish in S ion 721.856, Pe ug, VA 2,12,FOREGLOSE li wrm &perttothada ult .A whith unt intlud Po Box 3284 Nawport Naw5, JENNIFER SONON 5208 including u e dala. bma and Fbrida St . y rigM 12&4, 36, w, 1n. Flx,Owa ) Add B?ilding m in this not 6 ?hall im&,lal8 r,and oth8r VA2 ,9O,1O2,36,MN, Rad Hill Drlndian Haad. MD,i (2l R you n y haveto s t6 lha 2 14-2 17| S'I99&."I W. 8| '"" k ' " '"d"'d8d ba wb' ' 'h '`d"'a' 'h stgd '"' valu6 n-Floa W Mloat 2064 34,1 . 1011, 13, a no otsalein the Public nDrtgag6 aRer aK&6rat n 201&M78 ;BL RAADAMS lnt TSPhasaYean I0 5ur8 pmedu on . com a th6B8 Unh, 20162017, W,5o4.13, MN, 1 2, F W w s ot ORANGE County, llbe pu uantto 18t ms 2117 Mu h Vach a, Dai nt p m You hava e right to tU of(Sea Mbk.A p d&y.A tt.31, 2018-357T83; SHAUN Un,201 2017, t8.5 .97, F and (3) Publish a ot 6 nDrtgaga. You may LA 7,11,1144, 30, COL ln rourd&auwin w6 n nn s&,tor th6 at & w JASTREMSKI 1858 w W.4O,2O18-O35T :IMELDA py ot a no ot 8al6 thoo9 lo 5ign and ad to ODD, 1 2, Fb ing, 2011- JOHNABl 11468No all or in isnotit at y me ha5 & ag n la Bi woodAv 1Micago. A nNDLAY,Po 8DX two ) tin s. on 8aGh e und6 ign8d twst66 T8 2017,S6,8zB. ,t1.62.201& Rd Spring HiN. FL,beto MabuA 'ssaleolyour t b ng & p t IL 26,1 1 . 42B,2T 16653 Birmmgham, co16 w k, t two (2) w a 6ntl088d obj ion torm, M7 5; MAEELLA M ADAMS 1200, 1256, 40, WHOU, 1, tim ha,t.ltyoudonot in ORANGE CouY, nonda: 2T, MN,1,no ing, 8YS uNmD NGDOM,anORANGECounty 6x6 i5ing yourrightto obl6 325 Midland Pkwy Apt 416 #| n-no wwnoa ob toW6u5aolthatw 88 (SeaMibW.A (S E HIBrf 2016 201T, W,5o4.13. S1.31, 4,423, 1T, ODD. 1n, na . po ded suGh a to th6 us6 ol the t 86 Summ ille, sc 29485-8187, UnW, 2015-2017, S6,215.22, toBlowr8 pDt8du .you will A fimeMarelm aWs)(su 201&N7793; JEANABEL R F ad W wed Un,2011- na s th tin lo&losu pDcadur6. Upon 1100. 1144. 30, ODD, 1 2, t3.29. 201&035T603; notbe 5ubi8 t0 a d6fici8nty HIBIT .A as deRn JASTREMSW 8282 Sm h Dr 2017, ,828.50, t1.62, ot publishiq w p,to a undanign6d w a8'5 hoating,2O11-2O17,t6.828.5O, CHAMBERL N DAVID judgmentaven ittha proceeds the Daclaralion ot Cov em5. Fort Hood, M 7 -1957, 201&0357808; LEO Me de uW a 5& toM iptotyou nadobj lon S1.62, 2018-UT805; GUIOO Hl DA D E ingon 39, homthes eotyourtimeshara Condkions and R n ions 100 1,a 42B, 27 a 27, J FINDLAY lp5wich Po Box in lis noti or ake o, lorm, tha osu ot th6 HEMMERECHTS a JANnNA #leye Birmi ham,B24 int a insu Giant to brW gat6 Lakas,V, om MN MN, 1, Flo ing, 16653 Birmingham. uNmD appDprial6 artion wrm ga mortgage w to th6 scHuTn M6gB eu ENG D, 12,1262, 6, o s& th6 amounl5 5 u d by Recods Book 9580, Pag6 20162017, S2,5o4.13, $1.31, KINGDOM,4OO,423,17,ODD, to this lo losu w you detauW s ed in mis notite 123 Vlhoode, 01800 ium, MN, 1n, F ed W6aW x8d the lien. By. GREENSPOON 608, ot the Public R o s ot 2018-Nn93; VICTORIA 112, Fixed klFw6d Unk. rish losing owenhip of your hallbe 5ubi8rft0th8judltial 12oo, 1255, 5, WHO,1, Unh, 201 2017, S7,4T2.35. MARDER, T 5t . Oran couU. horida ha LOUISE BUGG Ca5a EKu8la 2011-2017, S6,828.5o, t1.62, tim ha im th ugh m6 to low p c6du only. Fix6d W xed Unrt, 2015- S2 201&0357803; LAR HIBIT n"-NoncEoF Plan,and an&d&(s) Leba 93 Ertacion D6 La 2018-035780B;BETHASELBY Wrt6 fo&losu pm6dul8 You hava th6 right to cura 2017,85,198.04,S2.72.201& SCHUU 3 D Rd DEF^ULT nND INTENT TO ther6o. rf any. Toga & w h qu a Ma ga.2913O SPAIN, 1197 Pal no Dr Hubbad. 6 ablish in &ion 721.855, yourdetauWin he mannars6t 357805; JOANN M LUAMS B nham, TX 7T833, 14,FORECLOSE the rigMto py. pu an 80, 1, 14, WHOU. 1,F ad OH 44425-1*.2 .211,t1, norida Stal . You n y torth lnthls notice anytlme 221 winding MollRd AWoona, 1413, 52, WHOU, 1, Flx6d, Own6 s) Add N 8uilding to tha Plan, 8uilding-Unhl5l Unrf, 20142017, MN, 1 2, Flx w choo e to gn d nd to b&o th8h 88's5al6otyour PA 16601-4313, 700, 721, 50, 201J2017, S5.146.32, S2.72, Unrt k Vaar TS Undi d6d (SEE QHIBIT A,durinR I6.656.20. M.47, 201& Unh, 201 201T. S8.465.62, 18 undesign burf Ma tim ha inta&t.ltyoudonot ODD, 11z, #| season-noat 201&0357803;CARL0S MAYA lnt8 rtS8a5onTSPh V6an Unrt W68k(s) (su HIB 35T793; IKAHROS FAMILY, S2.4o, 201&0357808; LA ntbsed obj ion form, obi tod 8us6ofth6 w 88 WeeMlo Unrf, 2015-2017, a ANA,PARRA Calla 1z5 D&inqu6nt Amoum Par Diem A,du Assignad Yaa sl uc 1830 vlll Cenler Cir WANDA D WARREN Po Box 6x i ng your rigMto obje low pDc8du,you will 83,1o6.o3, g1.62, 201& N11B1OApto.3O1To a1 MuWi- COLRaclnto - (SEE IBIT A . n N3 LasVagas, 89134,100, 1766 Houma. LA7 61, 2,to e u ot Me tw ee notbe wbj to a deficiency 357805; TODD D WIWAMS C8ntD Bogota, COLOMBIA, ANDREWA BAIN a SIGRID p "Tlme Sha Plan pD 45, ODD, #| S6ason- Fbat 221, 46, ODD, 112, Fix 1o bsu pD u . Upon judgBeven hth8pD s 202 Lnd sl Lock Haven, 1200, 1263, 26, WHOU, 1, BAINPOBoxCb125O3Nassau, Add N"). 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You may ot(S86 Exhibrf A p6rday.A 0357808; CHARISE s STONE N1,2,2614, 17, WEN, AssoclAnoN, INC. 357805; ROBERT J KAISER GunERRu B MAURICIO WALLACE a MURIEL choose to Eign and ad lo li6n tor the ato id amount 43088UnisonMollCr bum. 1n, F ed W kl x Unk, a ina,to as 521 NW Em d Lak6s Dr GunERRQ a JUL NA WALLACE4611 Ha Scrabble th6 undenlgned tw 66 Wa has b86n Bo 8d again the VA 20148, 4,454, 11, ODD, 20162017, S2,5o4.13, S1.31, mia on h6 by tormally Lak6 ci,F 14,1458, 38, GunERRQ Ave. 4B o8 6 Rd Columbia, sc 29229-8584, 8ntl056d obje ion torm, tollowinRreal p perfy located 112, Fixed x Unk, 201 1591; JEANNIE normes (s68 Exhibrf A lh WHOU, 1, Fixed W WFiwad 2-75Apt601Cali,C0L0MB 600, 624, 23, EVEN, Fixed 8x8 i5ing yourrightto obi in ORA GE County. Florida: 2011-2017, S6,82 .5o, t1.62, HERNANDU IMBODEN you a in de uW du6to your Unh, 2015-201T, S7,169.71, 12,1235, 14, WHOE W F ed Unit, 201 2017, lo tha u58 of Ma tw 68 (S86Exhibh"A (SEEWHIBIT 2018-0357808; PoRnA J a MARILYN J SM H 418 ilu to paya B(s)due 83.74, 2018-357805: 1, Flx W W xad Unk, $3,958.70, S2.o8, 2018- foraclo5ur8 pDt8dul8. 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A Punuant to &on 1055, 13, WHOLE, 1, Fiwed coLReclmo ot th6 p perfy as provid6d 11666 NW 91 Av6 Hia ah, FL Driv6 Cox G Maid6nh8ad, A,durinq ANlgn8d Y6a s) lian tor tha ato id um 721.855, florida ul,W x6d Unk, 2015-2017, MEMORABU vAcAnoNs, in in &ion 721.855, Florida 33018, 500, 518, 35, MN, Be hi sl63utG atamain, - (SEE IBIT A"). m6 in has b68nr o againstMe th6 undanignad T 66 as $5,914.04,S3.12,2018-357807: uc, A FLORIDA Sta utes, the und8nign6d 1l2, Flxed W xed Unk. 19,1917, 30, EVEN, 1 2, m6 Sha Plan proparf tollowing alpDp8rtyloc 8d appoim6d by wEsTGAn MARITZA ACOSTA 3040 coRPoRAnoN Po Box T ee shall: (1) p vid6 you 2010-2017, S8,44o.91, tq.4o, Fw6d wad Unk, 2010- Add ss"). As a suW ot in ORANGE Coun,florida: LAWS OWNERS FoxhillCirApt2O2 Apopka, FL 1 9 Clermom, FL 34713. whh wrm notic6 otth6 sala, 2018-0357808; JOCELYN s 2017, g8,465.62, $2.40, 2018- tha ato mentionad defauN, (See Exhibit A") (SEE HIB AssoclAnoN, INC. 32703-8170, 1000, 1014, 38, 100, 30, EVEN,Season- including tha dat6, tim6 and GON 17230 94m St 51591; AMA IT BHO@ ANotiation he by 6|8rts to wA"lfimaShar8| 8 st( )(SEE m6 ina 8r r6|8 to a5 WEN, Fixed WeeW xed Unrt, Float weeklnoat Unh, 2014-,ion th&aot, (2) R ord N Loxahatch . FL 3347 B ANA BHO@ 61 sell the p perty punuant WHIBIT "A") as dafined in tiation.) ha by fo,2014-2017, a,5N.84, $2.40, 2017, S3.o12.69, S1.57, 2018- the notice of sale in tha Public 1730. 5,518, u, MN. 1n, Looa Drive Cox G to Se ion 721.855, Florida tha DeGla tion ot Covanants, notifi6s (See Exhibk A") that 2018-357807; TOMAS PENA 357793; RESORT BAILOUT, Racords of ORANGE Coun,Fixed WeeM Un,2010- M danhead, B8 5hi Greal Stat es. Pleas6 ba advised Conditions and Re rirtions you a in defauW due to your 23 Ridg6 Wood Ave Apt#1 LLC 87 Church St 6t Surf6 Florida; and (3) Publish a 2017, $8,440.91, S2.4o, 2018- 8ri in, 1900, 1917, 30, EVEN, w in the 8v6nt that lhe debt tor Westgata Lakes, ||, O cial,lu topayaN8Nm8nt(s) due Yonk6n, NY 10704, 1000, 1014, 204 East HaMord, CT 06108, copy of tha notica ot sale 0357808; MAR E CAURO 1n, Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, owed to Ma A5sociation is not Retords Book 5 0, at Pag6 lor(S68 hibh A punuantto 38, EVEN, Fixed WeeMixad 90, 301, 19. EVEN, Valu6 two (2) times, once each 8 Bunker Hill Dr Manalapan, 201 2017, 88,465.62, 82.4o, paid whhin thirfy-five (35) days 3118, ot lhe Publ Recods tha socia ion' s qovaming Un,2014-2017, $4,553.84, S8a5on-Flo WeaWfloat Unh, wee tor two (2) succ8ssiv6 NJ 07726-3308, 500, 567, 47, 2018-0351591 ; DAVID J aW& B8ipt of lhe Notice, of Orang6 Coun,Florida Ttha doGum6nk ( ov ning S2.4o, 2018- x78o7; IVAN 2014- 2017, S3,928.o3, $2.05, w68ks, in an ORANGE Coun EVEN, 112, Fixed WeeMixed BUTTON 11706 WiWonwood Me und8nign6d T stee Plan . and all amend nt(s) Dow ank") and you now VALENCIA 3306 Harbourtown 2018-N7793; DIANA MARIE, newspapar, providad such a Unrf, 2012-2017, S6,479.62, Ct Loui5vill8, KV 40272- shall p ceed whh he sale tha to, it any. Tog&her wrfh owa ANociation (See Exhib Dr Grand p irie, M 75052- uc 87 Chuwh t Su 6 n6wspap8r 8xi5ts at the time 82.4O,2O18-O3578O8;J0SEPH 4965, 1500, 1563, 15, EVEN ot th6 Prop6r as provided lhe right to octupy, punuant A") which amount intlud85 7795, 600, 664, 10, EVEN, 204 Ea HaMord, CT 06108, ot publishing. lt you tail to CALERO 67 Wlnchert Dr 1 2, Fixed WeaMixed Unk, in in Section 721.855, Florida to Me Plan, Building-Unk(s) inta&t, late t s, and olhar Fixad WeaMixed Unk, 2014- 80, 106, 41, MN, #| Season- cu tha detauW as s& forth F old, NJ 07728-2760, 2016-2017, 82,473.69, $1.30,