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Fern Park , Florida
January 25, 2019     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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January 25, 2019

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/ PAGE 4B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JANUARY z5, 2019 o &the untsau dby PBn,end,s) 2,2 ,241,3,NEN,1n. 44070,94T, 3, WHOU, Flo& W86klF & Unrt, 2013- Unrf (s) (SEE HIB Rd Hollls, NH 049, 100, Lakeview Dr Nor port, AL e lien. By: GREENSPOON WeBo, rf any. Tog6B w Fwed, 2016-2017, W,867.81, 1. F ed xed Unh, 201T, g8,293.72, $3.49, .A,during AMign8d Yea s) 3, ODD, 1n, All n- 35475, 100, 3, ODD, 112, All MARDER, T ee. the right to oKupy, puRua S1.5o.2o1 516; 2015-2017, t5,973.84, S3.12, 20180430346; BARBARA A - (SEE HIB .A . e in no Mloa Unh, 2013- Season-Float Week Flo Un , HIBrr A" - NoncE OF to Me Plan, Building-Un (s) Jan.U;F b.1, 1g 201 222; SHELDON EDWARDS 522 lsabell Ln me Sha Plan (P par ) 2017, 83,513.56, $1.15. 2015-2017, S2.197.85, $1.14, DEF^ULT AND INnNT TO (SEE HIB .A,durinR L174916 G LAYEFSKY B SUSAN Wando, sc 29492, 80, 301, Add ss . As a BuW ot 201 345; 20180424789; NATIVIDAD FORECLOSE Un Week(sT (SEE HIB LAYEFSKV a LEA LAYEFSKY 36, WHOLE, 1, All Season- Me atoPm8ntion6d detauW, J&n.U;F b.1, 1g A FORMOSO 18 E Magking Owne s) Address Building A,during Assigned Yaa s) 226 A ingon Ava York. ON Float WeeWFloat Unit, 2014- A sociation h&aby elerfs to L174919 Corner Mapagkawangga Unrf Week Year TS Undivided - (SEE WHI8 A . e in NoncE OF DEFAULT hND M6C2Z5 CANADA, 2300, 2336, 2017, $6,753.60, $3.49, sell tha PDp8rty punuant Wa Peachers Vlllage auezon lnteP SeasonTS Phase Yean Time Sha Plan (Proper ] INTENT TO FORECLOW 19,0DD,112.FixedWee Fixed 20180430346; KENNETH B to Sertion 721.855, norida c y, 1101 PHILIPPINES, Delinquent Amounl Per Di6m Address . As a suW of wEsTGnTE nLE: Unrf, 2011-2017, $6,633.95, THEODORE 13520 120th Ava StaMes. Please be advised NOTICE OF DEF^ULT AND 80, 602. 36. ODD, 1n, All COL R6c lnto lhe atoramentionad d6fauW, T . $1.62, 20180430222; ALAN So h Ozona Pa,NY 11420, th inthe eventthatMe debt INnNT TO FORECLOSE Season-Floal WaeMloat CHERIKA M WHEATLEY Po AMociation he by 6|8m to Punuant to Sertion M MACKEY a ROMONA 90, 301, 9, ODD, 112 owedtolhe ci&ionisnot WESTGhTE UKV v FILE: Unrf, 2015-201T. $2,719.20, Box 4037 Road Town, VG111O sell the PDp8 y pursuant 721.855, Florida Stat es,CHRISTOPHER WA Saason-Floa WeeklFloat Un,paid w hin thirV-fiva (35) days 2T . $1.40, 20180424789: KAREN BR ISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, to Sertion 721.855, Florida the und8nign6d T rfee as ROMONA,MACKEY 1866 W 2013-2017, 84,287.36, $1.40, aWer receipt of the Notice, Punuant to Sertion T CORDER Po Box 387 80, 307. 1, EVEN, 1n Stat es. Plaase be advised appointed by WESTGATE Vla Del R odo G en Valley, 20180430346; MARKTTU E Me undenigned Tw ee 721.855, Fbrida Statut . Ladson, sc 29456. 90. 308, Season-Float WeeklFlo Unk, lhat in the event that tha d6bt LAKES OWNERS AZ 85614, 2400, 2423, 16, 40 Dover Rd,in, PA 15642- sh,pD whh the sale the und&signed Tw ee as 16, ODD, 112,Season- 2014-2017, $3,287.08, $1.70, owed lo lhe Associ ion is not Asm noN, INC. WHOU, 1, Fwed WeeMixad 9136,90,601,42,WH0U,1,of the p per as pDvid8d appointed by WESTGATE Floa Wee Float Un,2015- 20180430341; DEWAYNE A paid wkhinthit -five(35)days m6 naw8r 18 n to as Unrt, 2014-201T, $7,703.65, Season-Float wee noat Unh, in in S ion 721.855, norida LAKES OWNERS 2017, $2,719.20, 81 .40, PAYNE 6 NICKIE v PAYNE a er ceipt ot the Noti,ci ion h&aby m,84.o2, 2018 30w2; FREDDY 2013-2017, S8,321.76. S3.49, W es, tha undenigned ANoc#noN, INC. 20180424789; SONIA A LEE 103GeraldinaDrLatayeWe,LA the unde igned T rtee notmes (Sae Exhibh .A M& VARGAS a wEm VARGAS 201 :RENEECTU E Tw ee sh |: (1) PDvd8 you mereinaR& to as HO a CLAUDE v HO 2177 70503, 90,609, 18, ODD, 112, 5hall pDc88d wkh the sale you in delauW dueto your 118 G V ley Rd Staten 369CoalHollowRdV na,PA w wrmen notice otMe saB, cie ion h&eby tom,Sha bbe Rd MiNiNauga, ,Saason-Floal WeeWFloat of lhe PDp8r a5 pDvid8d t lu lopay sldue lsland, NY 10312, 19,15147, 90, 601, 42, WHOU, including e date, tin and notmes (See Exhib A th ON UA3G9 CANADA, 100, Unk. 2017- 2017, $1,046.00, in in S ion 721.855, florida tor(s Exhibrt.A pufiuamto 1926, 48, WHOU, 1, F 1,#| n-FloatW o,at n th& r, (z) R ord you a in det W duato your 4, WHOU, 1,Season- $0.52, 20180430341; FRANK Statrtes, 6 undenigned the mialDn. s v&n g W F ed Unh, 2015- Unk, 2013-z017, 88,321.76, e no ofsaB e Publit elu topay wmant(s)due Floa W68klflo Unrf. 2015- J ROMANO 312 AdanD way Tru ee shall: (1) PDvid8 you docu (. v&ning 2017, 5,9T3.84. M.12 M.4g, 201 : LARUTH R 5 ot O E County, tor(See hibh.A pu uantto 201T, S4.265.o8, $2.21, Melboume, FL 32904, 100. wMwrmannoticeofu s&e, w end you now 201 a: RAPHAEL CMCAFEE1995ECoaWonRd Florid4 and (3) Publish a e |& n. s oveming 20180424T89; JOSEPH w 8, EVEN, 112,n- iMluding the date, ti and o &ion (s Exhibh c GRUBB a BELU N86-105 Su or, co 8 27, py of the not ot see docu ( ovaming DUHON SR 505 MiWon Ave Floa WeeMloat Unk, 2014- location th&aot; (2) R ord .A wh h mm Glud8s A GRUBB 5 Mckenzie 90, 203, 3,EVEN, 1n, #| two (2b tin&. once aach DOGU end you now Eart Latayene, LA 70508, 201T, $3,287.08, S1.7o, M8notic8of in 8PubliG im,e t,and o er Lane Oa ar . ON NOE1LO saeson-Floa WM a Un,w k, r two (2) suc u e owe iallon (s EwhlbW 90, 610, 50, ODD, 112, | 20180430341; KATHLEEN A Records of ORANGE Coun,s. Add n rfe rt 1,1915, 9. 2014-2017, a,o34.4o, $2.08, w ks,in an ORANGECoun .A which &nounl includes S8a5on-Float WeeMloat WIWAMS 669 Danville Cir F rid4 and (3) Publ h a nbnu to a e WHOLL 1, F WFwed 201 0346; MICHAEL J news r, pDvid wch a inte rt, lata r 5, and other Unk, 2015-2017, $2,641.90, B Melboume, FL 32904- Gopy of the nol a ot s e of(S Mlbrt.A perday.A Unh, 2015-2017, S5,973.84, R CHIE216Rundl airnRdNE newspaper i s al Ma time chaqes. Add n inta rf t1.37, 20180424789; T563, 100, 8. MN, 112, #| o ) ti s, onta aad,n r e d unt S3.12. 201 22; KEUY C&ga ,ABT1Y2W CANADA, ot publishing. w you,| to GontlnuastoeGGw8atth8rat8 SUJATHA GARLAPATYaANIL Season-Flo& WeeMlo& Unk, w k, r two (2) wc M e has ld ag nrfM6 L p w 7815 Debora 80, 310, 38, ODD, 112, All GUr8 the da uW as se r ot(SeaMlbh.A p&day.A GARLAPATY 4984 W e iew 2014- 2017, S3,287.o8, $1.70, w ks. in an ORANGE CouW following & p,ed Dr BrigMon, Ml 48114-9462, season-no W86 Float UnW, in this no ce or take other llen r Ma a resaid anDunt DrMldland,GA3182O,8O,5O3, 201 0341; mA MC AFEE new r, pDvid8d such a in O NGE Coun,florida:,w15, 9, EVEN, 1n, 2013-2017, $4,28T.36, $1.40, appropri e artion w h gard has been ad againrtthe 51,0DD,112,F edWee Float 14616 Rose DrVlrfo ille. nawspaper i s at Me time (s Exhibh A (SEE HI8 Fixed W88M 6d Unrt, 2014- 20180430346; OMAR MSAAF to this b&losu B&, you llow I8& pD,ed Unrf, 201J2017, S2,639.2o, CA9239Q,1 ,2O,ODD,1 2,#| of publishi lt you,to A fin Sha lme s s)(SU 2017, S4,6O9.T7, Sz.12, 691 Guy St 4 Mont |, ac risk losing ow6nhip of your in o GE County, Florida: 81.36. 20180424789; ROBERT n-Flo& Wee flo Un,cul8 Me d uW as s& r HIB A a5 d8fin6d in 2018 : WIU#M T HW1T6 CANADA,8O, 401, 6, timesha int&e th ughthe (S Exhibh.A (SEE HIBIT E ST CL R a DOROTHY M 2013-2017, 83,237.19, S1.o6. in this not e or take o er the D Bion otCovan,DOHERIV 4637 Key one WHOLE, 1, Flx6d W Float tw 68 &losu pD du A Tl Ma lnte A(s)(SEE ST CL R 60 Ging& T a 201 0341; FREDERICK A appDpri 8 a ion wkh gBd Condhions and R mons C t au inQon, ON Unrt, 2013-2017, 88,3oo.73, ablish8dinS6 ion721.855, HIB .A a5 dafined in o F lon. MO 63368, 90, 507, wALLAcEaJuDYKw cE tothistoBlosuR ma &, you for Bg a B |, omcial L7MOM8 CANADA, 1900, $3.49, 201 0346; ERICK A Florida Statrtes. You y M6 D la lon of Covenan,48, ODD, 1n, #| Season- 135 Snead Dr CDMvill6, TN risk losing own hip ot your R o 5 Book 5020, & Page 1964, 11, WHOLE, 1, F ed HIGINIO 268 NW 11th StAm choos6 to sign and send to Condhions and Restrirtlons Flo wee no Unh, 2015- 38558, 100, 37, ODD, 1n, t nesha inte th ugh the 327, otMa Publit R o s ot Mixed Unh, 2015- 205 Miami, FL M136-2702, the und6nign8d twrtee the forWe ga e Lak,v, omcial 2017, S2,218.76, 81.15, ,Season-Float WeaMloat twrtee &losu pDc8du O nge Cou,F rida he 2017, $5.973.84, S3.12, 80, 204, 43, ODD, 1 2, V ue enclosed objec on rm, R s Book 9580, at Page 20|80424789; cHARLom Unh, 2013-2017, $3,513.56, tablishedin Se ion 721.855, Plan,and & an&dmant(s) 2018 w; CARLOS Season-Floa WeaMlo& axe ising your rigM to objecl 608, ot e Publ R ords ot D LANE 1132 Tangerine St S1.15, 20180430341; LINDA Florida Statrtes. You may theBo, h any. Tog&har w h M ESPINOSA a MAR s UnW, 2013-2017, S4,287.M, to the use ot le burtee O&ge Coun,norida (the Cl at&,FL337M,9O,1O8. D DOPWELL 89 38164StApt choose to sign and send to tha rigM to octupy, puRua BARRERA Calle Leona o $1.40, 20180430346; ELVIRA &losu pmedu . Upon .Plan,and all an&d&5) 18, ODD, 1n,S6ason- 3D Jamaica, NY 11432, 1,th6 undenigned t Aea the to the Plan, Bui g-Unrf(s) T ada Y Endara CDbb Utb. L HIGINIO 13115 NoMwa the undanigned t ee's WeBo, rf any. Tog&h6r wkh Flo&t o& Unh, 2015- 16, ODD, 1n, All Saason- enclosed obj ion rm, (SEE HIBrr .A,during si Del Mor Mom emn 1w Ave Mlaml, FL M1&8, iptofyoursignedob ion Me rigM to py, punuant 2017, S1,T58.74, So.62, Float WeaMloat Unit, 2013- exe lsing your rigM to obi Unh s) (SEE HIB auko, ECUADOR, 2300, 90, 204, 43, ODD, 1n, V ue torm, the foBlow of the to Me . Buildlng-Un s) 20180424789; VANENA E 2017, $3,250.44, $1.06, to the us6 or e bu ee A,durinRAssgned Yea s) 2N5. 34, WHOL 1, F 6d s -Floatwae noatunrt, lienwhh p to edetauW (SEE HIB .A,durinR SIMMONS CUNNINGHAM 6 20180430341; BEATRIZ toteclosu pm uta. Upon - (SEE IB .A . &&n W klF ed Unk, 2014- 2013-2017, a,287.M, g1.4o, spacified in nolice shall Unh Wk(s) (SEE HI8 WILLARD A CUNNINGHAM DJEBELLI PERU 6910 tha undenigned t rtae.s me M PB p ) 2017, S7.7o3.65, S4.o2. 201 ;SAUYKIRBY be subjert to the judicial A,du RANign8d Y s) P.o Bow Ee16447 G go M&n St Apt 258 Hialaah, FL &aiptotyoursignedobi Addw . & suW of 201 2U;IGALUC N EUGENE L WRBY 14 Bo5w8|| osu pD duR on . - (SEE I8 .A . m6gn St t, OakNill8 N u, 33014,100,27,0DD,112,All form, the B su of m6 Me on w, 12 Ch&56a Dr L g on. w ph Lal You have Me rigM to w Ma Plan pD ) BAHAMAS,1 ,16,ODD,1 2, n-noatweeMloa Unk, lienw p to ed&auW m on y eBk to NJ OTO39. 25 . 251&. 15, UI93ED UN D WNGOOM, yourd6 uWin 8mann&s8t Add N . As a &uW ot #| n-floa W Mloal 2013-2017, S3,513.56, S1.15. m in th not e sh,s&| e p punuam WHOLE, 1. F ed w 90, 404. 28. WHOLE, 1, #| rminM noticealanyti a Me ato ioned de uW, Un,2015-201T, S2,ON.O8, 201 341; snPHEN JOY be wbj6rf the judic to on 721.855. horida Unh, 201 201T, 7.T .65, -no we6wnoa Unh, ba Metwrt 'ss eotyour i ion h y & k to S1.o6,2o18o424789; B DAWN A JOY 286 A5hbS to&lowl8 pD u on . . Pl be t4.o2,2o1 2; 2013-201T, B,321.T6, S3.49. m im .ltyoudonot s&| Me PD pu uam J.n.U;F.b.1, 1g Road kumhope, DN162A You have the rigM to w in 8av rf 6d t J n.b,F b.1, 1g 201 ; RACHEL A obj toMeuseof eW ee to abon 721.855, no d& L 174920 GR T BRrrAIN. 1 a 1 rourda uwin e &nar o tothe m nis t L17491T DEGRENIER 25 Mar ime Dr to&low u ,you ll es. p e b6 advised a1,NBa33D,25 z5 orminth a ea anyb pa w in,-fi (35)days Re W& ham, MA 025T1- notbe subj to a deficiency in Me emthatthe debt a 25.0DD ODD a ODD, 1 be lathehrt 'ssaBolpr ak pl of e Nol,2&11,90,104.26,WH0U.1,#| judgment even rftha p s owed to the Assocletlon is not NoncE OF DEFnuLTAND 1n,n-F a w tim ha im wyoudolDt v und&5 n8d Tw NonNoFDunuLThND s8a5on-noe Mlo&unk, homthesa otyourtimesha p dwWhinthirty-five(35)days INrENr ro FORECLOSE flo Unk a,n- ob to T8us8ot ebu sh,w a s a INrENr ro FORECL E 2013-201T, S8,295.72, S3.49, ime rt a in cient to aR ipl ot the NotiG8, wEsTun swFILL no lo& Unh a #| &low u .you ll ot Ma p pDv n vnu: 2018043034&; JOSEPH x oRs&th8a Duntsau dby the unden ned Trurt86 W. M -Floal WeeM & Unk. notba wbi to a d in in & n T21.8M, a n g. VASCONCELOS1289Marsellle Me llan. By: GREENSPOON shall pr wWh the s&e Pu ualrf to Sertion 2013-2017. S4,952.72, S1.62. ju tev6n rfthep,a und n Pu uant to ation Dr Apt 147 Mlami Baach, FL MARDER,LLP,Ttu ee. ot M6 p as pDvid8d 721.855, Florida StaMes, 201 41; MARCIO F DE hom es eofyourbm ha Tw sh&|: (1) PDvl you 721.655, Florida S rtas, M141,104, 28. WHOLE, Hlalr "A - NoncE OF in in &ion 7Z1.8M, Fbrida the und8R n8d T rtee as @TRO EMYBLE K M inte a inw cient to w wrmen n ite DrM8 sal6, tha unda gned Tw 68 as 1,AllSeason-FloatWeak1Floal DEFnuLrAND IWNTTO S trtes, e undanlgned appolnted by wEsTGAn DE MENESES Rua Enrique oRsetWe unls s u by intluding the d e. ti B and imad by wEsTGAn Unk, 2013-2017, t8,295.72, FORECLOSE T sh |: (1) PDvid8 you LAKES OWNERS 92 B F uesia the lien. By: GREENSPOON n t. (2) R od LAKES OWNERS S3.49, 20180430346; Owne s) Add N Building wrm wrmen nolice ofthe sel6, Assoc noN, INC. Do o Sao Paulo, 027 100 MARDER,Up.T st . Me no ot in 18 Publ AsmlAnoN, INC. FRANCES G TOLIVER 598 Un aek Yearn Und ided in uding We date, tln and &aina t to as BRAZIL, 100, 13. WHOU, 1, NIB A" - NoncE OF R o s of ORANGE coumy, me nawer g d to as Lo Lake Dr e Raeford, NC lme seasonTsPhaseYean bcation M& r, (2) R ord .Asmietion h&aby rm #| Season-Flo WeeMloat DEFnuLr AND INnNr TO Florida; and (3) Publish a ANociation h6 by rmal 28376, 90. 109, 48, ODD, 1n, Delinquent AnDunt Per Diem e no ofs&ein Me Public notm6s (s68 Mibrf .A M& Unh, 2014-2017, $5,505.84, FORECLOSE copy ot e notiG8 o sale notmes (s86 Mib A that All S n-Float WeeMlo& COLRaclnto R8colds ol ORANGE County, you are ln datauN due to your $2.85, 20160430341;ANT0NV Own6 s) Add u Building two (2b limes, once eath you a in delault dueto your Unk, 2013-2017, $3,770.28, MICHAEL,WOODS a florid& and (3) Publish a tailu topayass8Na(sTdu8 WH NEY 38 lbex House 1 Unrt Weak Vear TS Undhided w k, r two (2) sut e railu topay ssment(s)due S1.26. 20180430346; JULIETA JESSICA WOODS 21 C llia copy ot the notite of 5 6 torlseeMibk.A punuamto Fo rt Lana London, E15 lmerastseasonnPhase ean w ,in an ORANGE County tor(S88Mibk A puRuantto CASELA a LORALIE CASELA Lane Hampton, VA 2,o (2) tinPs, once ead the,ion. s qoveming 1HR uNmD KINGDOM, 100, Delinquant Amount Per Diem n sp pDvid6d such a the iation' s qovetning aRAFAELcAsELAaJoRosE 100, 49, EVEN, 1n, V ue w k, for two (2) w e d um ( oveming 42. EN, 112, All S8Bson- COLR8Gln newspaper exiAs & the Ume dotum6nts ( overning CASELA 8T A agon Rd s on-noatwee noal Un,w ks.inan ORANGECounV Documenb and you now Float WeeMloat Unh, 2014- UNDA A GOODMAN 34 J L of publishi W you t,to Documents and you now London, E61QW ENGLAND, 2014-2017, S3,287.o8, g1.7o, n spap&, pDvid6d such a owe AgsoGi ion (s Ewhibrf 2017, S3.248.18, $1.68, Williams Rd Ha iesbug, MS cu Me d uN as sa rth ow6 Associ& n (See Exhibk 90. 206. 3. ODD, 1 2, ue 201 0345; DOUGLAS n sp exi s a Me time .A which unt intludes 20180430341; Al COLLINS 39401-8700, 500, 51&, 17, in this noli or take other .A which nou iMlud8s on-Float wee no E HENTON 178 Vawhall of publishin lt you tail to int,late taes, and other 217 Vlsta Ave San Jose, CA WHOU, 1, Fixed WeaM ed appropri e a n w a int rt. lata,and o & Un,2013-2017, a,287.36, St Naw London, CT 320. tU the de uW as B b h thages. Addrfional inte rf 95127, 80, 502, 6, WHOLE, Un,2016-2017. S4,324.96, to thi toBb u Ber, you chalg8s. Addrtion inte S1.4O. 2018043 ; 90, 505, 8, WHOU, 1,in this noti or take oth tontinu85to&Kw8atth8 t6 1, Fixed Wee Float UnW, $2.27, 2018 16: risk ng ow8Rhip ol your tontinu8stoaK 8atth8 8 cRlsnNA p GENOVEA a n-Fbat WeeMb appDpriat8 artion w ard of(S68 Exhib A per dBy. A 2014-2017, S6,753.6o, $3.49, JAMES JR E GOODMAN 85 ti&a rme A Dugh Me ot(Se6 Mibh.A p& day.A ZENY B DOMINGO a IMEE R Unk, 2015-2017, 85,168.63. to isto&bw maW&, you li for 6 ato s d amount 20180430341; FELIC JONES I6ybD0k Dr Colunbu5, MS t rt & w u llen tor e a & d unl VILLAVICENCIO 71 Harri5on $2.67, 201 ; ROSLYN risk sing owenhip of your has b n Bo 6d againstthe 5306GalleonC ssin&D atur, 39702-8110. 500, 518, 17, li inB onT21.855, ha5 ag n T6 sl Sl en lsl d, NY 10304, L HENTON HUNT 9 Conrad ti B ime rt th ugh the tollowinR el pDp8r located GA 3 35, 1 ,8, DD, 1n, WHOU, 1, F ed ed florida StaMas. You may lollowing apDpetylocat 80, 102, 35. 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Upon Condrtlons and Rarfrirtions 90, 3,24, ODD, 1 2,GONZALU CANDINA exe ing yourrightto objetl torW8 g 6 Lakas,IV, omcial S son-Floal WaeMlo& Unk, 2016-201T, 4,324. . the lgn 's rBg e Lakes, v, omci Season-hoat M & JOHNSON a DEBO H M to the use of We hstae R odsBook 6849, a Paga Unrt, 2013-201T, S3.513.56, W.27, 201 516; @oty obl n R s Book,Paga Unrt, 2013-2017, S4,296.95, GONZALU 36 5 w Pine Te to&losu paedure. Upon 3167, of Me Public Recods $1.15, 201 0341; JAMAN UE WYATT a KATHRVN JO torm, the w ot a 608. ot I6 Public R8tO 5 ot S1.4o, 201 346; MAR# Readlna, PA 19606, 90, 505, me und6Rign8d twstee.s otO&ge Coun,Florida ha K sHALLBmER a GLORIA WYATT 888 E Coquina Dr li w b edeBuW Oran Coun,Florida (Me M GONZALU a HECTOR L N, o D, 1 2, #| S n- B6iptofyoursign8dobj8rfion .Plan,and,emend m(sT J SIMMONS Po Box 2765 Dayona Beath. FL 32117, in thls,e shall .Plan,and & d m(s) DE JESUS RR 6 Bow 9387 Float WeeMloal Unrf, 2015- form, the b&losu of the MeBo, w any. 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Fhed M8notiGeot Binth8Public ANNE BRIESE 107 Onington Apt 209 Rego Park, NY MUWNS a MELANIE Reco s ot ORANGE Coun , 100, 19, NEN, 1n, Floaling, SILVESTRY La Condominuim W ed Un,2014- R ods of ORANGE CouW, Ct Schaunbulg, IL 60173- 11374,1 ,29,NEN, 112,MUWNS 1 Sageb sh Florida; and (3) Publish a 2014-2017, $2,199.58, Plaza Del Mar Apt Ave 2017. ST,7O3.65, S4.o2, F r a; and (3) Publi5h B 2118, 90, 401, 32, ODD, 1n, Season-Float Mloat Unrf, Way Moxvill6, TN 37932, copy ot the nolice ot sale S1.14, 201 341; BARRV I5la V8ld8 3001 lina, 201 2; ORLANDO o copy ot th6 n ice of sale #| Season-Float W6eMloat 2014-2017, S3,287.o7, 81.7o, 80, 603, 7, ODD, 112, Flxed two (2/ times, once each D MICKUCH a LOIS A PR 79, 10,1014, 30, OLIVARES 3172 K&nan Lake o (2) tim,once each Unk, 2013-2017, S4,2B7.36, 20180430345; OWOLABI W68Mlo Unh, 2015- week, or lwo (2) suK8ssiv8 THIBODEAU 14 FlintC WHOLE. 1, F ed W F ed Cir Apt 105 Jackson IB. FL w86k, r two (2) su ive 81.4o, 201 0346; DIANE EMOKPARE a OLA7UMORE F 2017, g2,719.2o, S1.4o. weeks. in an ORANGE County St be,AB T8N1Y8 UnW, 2016-201T, t4,11&.6T, 32246-N29,932. 37, w,in an ORANGE County M BRIESE 1706 cantomeld EMOKPAREPloi32WaleTaiwo 20180424789:WADEJ NUNQ newspaper, p vlded such a CANADA. 100, 30, EVEN, 1 2, S2.16, 20180430516; DAVID EVEN, 1n, F WeeWFwed newspaper, pDvld8d such a Pkwy Dund68, IL 60118, CloseMagodoShagishaLagos. a PENNY J NUNU 1820 newsp exi s Bt the time #| S8a5on-Float WeeMloat p PAVEY a LINDA s PANY Unk, 2014-2017, a.597.62, newspaper axl ts at the time 90, 401, 32, ODD, 1 2 NIGER . 100, 25, ODD, 1 2, Russall Place S Bemad, ot publlshinq. lr you il to Unk, 2014-2017, $3,041.92, Chu h Langl6y 28 MallaTds $2.40, 201 v2; LUCY ot publishin lr you il to S6ason-Floal wee noat Unk,Season-Floal Wee flo LA7 ,1 ,35,WHOU,1, tu Me d6auW as s& fo h $1.5T, 20180430341; CARL Rise He ow, Cm1T 9Pj E OLIVARES 31-18 Mo ot cu the da uW as set torfh 2013-2017, $4,287.36, $1.40, Unh. 2013-2017, S3,255.5o, V ue S6ason-Flo W oat in this notita or lake other BRANDENBURGER a 8 England,2OO,262,42,WHOLE, Ave F r Lawn, NJ 07410, in this notlce or take other 20180430346; $1.06, 20180430345; WDA Unh, 2015-2017, $3,685.33, appDpriate arfion wM regad L BRANDENBURGER 5757 1, F 6d W WFixed Un,9,932, 37, MN, 1n, appDpriat8 artion w h ga Jan. S;F b.1, 18 Y CORDERO a JUL PABON S1.91, 20180424789; EUEN to l foBlosur8 ma et, you M Rd Red Bud, IL 62278, 2016-2017, $4,324.96, 82.27, Flxed Wee Fwed Unk, 2014- to this foBlosu er, you L17491B C le 7 N 359 Ja ines De c wHm, SUCCEMOR risk bsing ownenhip ot your 100. 48. NEN, 112, ho ing, 20180430516; KIMBERLY p 2017, $4,597.62, t2.4o, risk loslng ownenhip of your Toa AWa Toa AWa, PR 009N. TRusnE OF THE DELLA times inte rt O ugh the 2014-2017, $3,041.92, $1.57, WILUNGHAM 609 Addison 20180430222; 8RADW A tin shal8 inte lhDugh Me 90, 204, 19, ODD. 1 2. V&ue UE BARTON HOUSTON twrt &losu pDc8du 20180430341; Way 3 Mcdonough,GA 30253- KOEHN TERRI L KOEHN twrtea to&losure pDc8du NoncE OF DEFAULTAND s son-no Mloat Unk, REVOCABU TRUST e ablished in &ion 721.855, Jan. u; Feb. 1, 1g 8075, 600, 632, 42, WHOLE, 346 Sum rPl Peatht e C y, 8 ablish6dln Serfion 721.855. INrENT TO FORECLOSE 2015-2017, S2,49o.92, $1.28, DAnD JUNE 15, 2011 1021 Florida Stal es. You may L174915 1,AllSeason.FloatWee Float GA 30269, 2500, 2N6. 22, Florida starfes. You may WESTOhTE v FILE: 201 0345; PAUUNE p Sum rt Ci le Plano. m choose to sign and send to Unrf, 2018-2017, $4,324.96, WHOLE, 1, Fwed Wee F ed choose to sign and send to n . w NIGRO B JOHN H NIGRO 75025, 1 ,20, ODD, 1 2,#| the undenigned hstea Me $2.27, 20180430516; ROBERT Unh, 2015-2017, 87,169.71, the undenigned twstee me Punuant to S ion 8 Callin Dr w lingD . CT on-Float W Mloat Unh, enclo objertion torm, NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND D WILLINGHAM 270 D,g2.24, 201 0222; ROL 6ncl0s8d ob rfion form, 721.855, flor a StaMes, 92.90, 510, 46, ODD, 1n, 201J2017, S2, 3.o8. t1.o6, ex ising your rightto obl INTENrTO FORECLOSE Plant lon Dr Mcdono h, J Poou B k Fal 8xBkising your rightto obj lh6 unden ned Tw ee as,S n-Flo W66 Flo 20180424789; RO8ERTO to the use of we t WESTGATE LAKU III FILE: 30253,6 ,832,42, HOU, Cir StocMon, CA 95219- to e use of the tw 6a appointed by wEsTGAn Un,2015-2017, S2.719.2o, GO VICTOR &losure p du . Upon n . 1,#lseason-Flo&w k1noal 2445, 1 . 1913, 40,foBlosu pDc8du . Upon LAKES OWNERS g1.4o, 201804 5; OMAR SANT GO Comundad Ma unde igned twAee's Punuant to Se ion Unk, 2016-2017, S4,324.98. 1n, F ed M M,Me u ned tw 's Assoc noN, INC. M NICHOLSON 268 Ea abeth Call6 1 - Casa iptotyoursignedobleclion 721.855, Florida Statulas, $2.27, 201 0516; ZOF 2012-201T. S6,3o4.66. S2.4o, imofyoursignedoblert[on e inaWer te d to as Nrd St B ok n, NY 11203. 6 Cabo Rojo, PR 00623. rm, the to&losu of the the undenigned Twstee as RrFIELD 19 R L 201 Q2; LUIS RUBEN rorm, Me fo&losu ol we AMociation he by brm 80, 5,15, WHOU, 1, 90, 304, 32, ODD, 1 2,lienwkh sperttothedetauN appointed by WESTGATE Close Maidenhaad. sl6 JOFRE a GRACIELA M li8nw &p6rttoth8d8 uW not es ISee Exhibk A that F ed Mloat Unrf, 2014- n-Float wnoat 5p8cm8d in this notice shBll LAKES OWNERS 8Qw England. 400, 454, 34. ROMBOLA v De Gama med in lis notica shBll u a in d6 uW dueloyour 2017, S5,o83.44, S2.64, Unrt, 2015-2017, g2.719.2o, be subjerf to the judicial ASSOCIATION, INC. WHOU, 1, Fix W ad 4460 Apt w 1Q Las Cond,be subjert to le judici& lu topay #ment(s) due 20180430345; IGNACIO t1.4o, 20180424789; DARREL Blosur8 pmedu only. e ina er fet d to as Unh, 2016-2017, a,324.96, CHIU, 24,2436. 4, &ow pmedure on . torls86Exhibk A punuamto S ILLA 32 Hamlin Ave E GADDIE 2313 Field one You have the right to cure Asm tion he by rmal $2.27, 201 516; ALBERT WHOU, 1. F ed W wed You have the right to cure tha Assoc tion' s qoveming Simi V ley, CA 93063, Ct Wlca, KY 42376, 90, 507, yourdeBuWinthe n nners& notmes (See Exhib .A th L MOSW 648 Ch&ry Hlll Unk, 2014-2017. g7,7o3.65, yourde uWin Me mann s& documents (. oveming 90, 105, 42, ODD, 1n, All 42, ODD, 1 2, #| Season- toM inthis noticeatanytime you a in detauW dueto yout Rd St &, MD 21154- 1630, S4.o2, 201 0Q2; rthin this noli anytime Dotuments and you now S6ason-Float WeeMloat Float WeeWFloat Un,2015- befo Metwstee's sale otyour tailu to aNess Pm(s)du8,623, 1. WHOLE. 1. A STAFFORD 2304 M& ri b&oP 8tw 86.ssal8otyour owe AMociation IS86 Exhibk Unk, 2015-2017, $2,719.20, 2017, S2,218.76, $1.15, timeshareinle . ltyou do not tor (Sae ibk A punuamto F ed WeeW xed Unh, 2012- PkwySWHun vil ,AL358O1- timeshaPinte .ltyoudonot wA' which amount includes $1.40, 20180430345; MATEO 20180424789; CHAD R objerfto the we oflhet ae the AMociation' 5 qoveming 2017, $9,872.68, S3.49, 6522.24 .2433.12.WH0U, obi totheuse ofMetw ee inte rt, late fees, and o er L TAMANO 6 EVANGEUNE p LANGSTRAAT a ERIN N fo losu pDc8dur8,you will docu ts oveming 201 516; MICHELE A 1, Fixed WeeMixed Unh, fo losu procedu ,you will cha as. Additional interest TAMANO 16332 134lh St & LANGSTRAAT 4159 Pylos notbe subje to a deficiency Docum6ms and you now MOSLEY3869ASch edarAve 2015-2017, a,388.29. $2.30, not be subje to a deficiency continuasto accwe atlh8rat6 Edn nton, T6VOG4 CANADA, Way Rancho Co ova, CA dgment even ifthe proceeds owa Association [See Exhibk p Hall, MD 21128, 600, 623, 201 80430222; FLoRENnNo judg nt aven rf the pDc88ds of (Sae Exhibit "A' per day. A 90, 510, 16, ODD, 112, All 95742, 90, 107, 36, ODD, 1n, hom lha sale of your timesha A whith amount includes 1,WHOLE, 1,Fixed W68 Fix8d B RAMIRO a ROSEL M hDmthesaleofyourtim8sha llen for the aforasaid amount Season-Float WeaMloal All Season-Flo WeeMloat interast a insumcient to inta st, late fees. and othat Unit, 2012-2017, $9,872.68, RAMIRO 1536 Perrin Ct San inle rt a insu cient to has baen racoded against the Unk, 2015-2017, $2,730.14, Unk, 2015-2017, $2,218.76, ot et the amounts sew d by chages. Addrfional inteRs $3.49, 20180430516: CHERYL Jose, CA95131, 2100,21N,24, o sel the amounts secu d by following al p perty loc ed $0.95, 20180430345; MARK S1.15, 20180424789; LETHA the lien. By: GREENSPOON continuestoaccweattherate R HARRIS 17380 Trin y EVEN, 112, Fixed WeeMixed the lien. By: GREENSPOON in ORANGE County, Florida: A HORNYAK a NANCY N NUNNALLY a MICHAEL c MARDER.L Twrtee. of (See Exhibk "A") per day. A W #82 Detrorf, Ml 48219- Unk. 2014-2017. $4,597.62, MARDER, LLP, T stee. (See Exhibit "A") (SEE HIBIT HORNYAK 138 112 Airlina Rd NUNNAUY 18455 C de EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF lien for the aforesaid amount 4741, 600, 651. 9, WHOLE, $2.40, 20180430222; ODILIA HIBIT "A" - NoncE OF "A' Time Share lntere (s) (SEE Clinton, CT 06413, 90, 508, 6, Ave Lansing, IL 60438, 100, DEFAULT AND INTENT TO has been recorded against the 1. Fixed Week Fixed Unit. GATICA Avenida Lircay 137 DEFAULT AND INTENT TO EXHIBIT A") as defined in WHOLE, 1, Fixed Wee Float 46, ODD, 112, All Season- FORECLOSE tollowing real proper located 2016-2017, $5.207.78. $2.72, Talca, CHILE. 2400. 2421, 22, FORECLOSE the Declaration ol Covenants, Un,2015-2017. 85,249.76. Float Week/Float Unrt, 2015- Owne s) AddreN Building in ORANGE Coun . Florida: 201 8043051 6; BuRNmE WHOLE, 1, Fixed WeeMixed Owner(s) AddRss Building Condrfions and Restrirtions $2.72. 20180430345; JAMES c 2017, 82.218.76, 81.15. Un week Year TS Undivided (See Exhibrf "A") (SEE HIBIT GRAHAM a SHEILA A HARRIS Unit, 2014- 2017, &7,703.65, Un Week Year TS Undivided tor Westgate Lakes, v, omcial SAVAGE B MARIA D GUZMAN 20180424789; RICHARD A lnteRst Sea5on TS Phas6 Years A") Time Share lnterest(s) (SEE 21610 Westhampton St Oak $4.02. 20180430222: PATRICIA lnterest Season TS Phase Years Recods Book 9580, at Page SAVAGE 426 Spe m Rd HALL a ELIZA LUCIO 1395 Delinquent Amount Per Diem EXHIBIT "A.') as defined in Park, Ml 48237. 600, 651, g, A JARVIS 1264 sumide N Delinquenl Amount Par Diem 608, ot tne Publit Recods ot Apt B3 Summe ille, SC Foreland Dr O ord, Ml COL Rec lnfo the Declaration ot Covenants. WHOLE, 1. Fixed WeeWFixed Aurora. OH 44202, 900, 913, 12, COL Rec lnfo Orange Coun,Florida (the 29483. 80, 202, 39. ODD, 1/2, 48371, 100. 19. ODD. 1/2, wmE R MILNE a GORDON Condrtions and Restrirtions Unit. 2016-2017, $5,207.78, WHOLE, 1, Fixed Wee Flxed JOSEPH GEORGE a SUMATIE Plan"), and all amendment(s),Season-Float WeeWFloat All Season-Float Wee Float D MILNE 130 Hoon Hay Valley for Westgate Lakes, |||, O icial $2.72, 201 8043051 6; Unrt, 2014-2017, 87,755.29, SINGH Lot 11, Seren Park th6r&o, if any. Together wrth Unk. 2015-2017, $2,719.20. Unrf. 2015-2017. 82,178.76, Road ChristchuFch, 8025 Recods Book 5391, at Page CHRISTIAN T RADCLIFFE a $4.02, 20180430222; GAYLE AssaraW Road Cha ievllle, the right lo occupy, pursuant 81.4o, 20180430345; FRANK i $1.13. 20180424789; SCOTT NEW ZEALAND, 300, 365c, 3172. of the Public Retods CYNTHIA K RADCLIFFE 4T61 D DAVIS 4823 Columbia Rd TRINIDAD TOBAGO, 80, 206, to the Plan, Building-Unrf(s) J KALANDYK a EUNICE G,MC GILLIVRAY a JULIE MC 29, WHOLE, 1, All Season- ot Orange County, Florida (the,Spo sman Dr Anthorage. AK Apt 102 North Olmsted. OH,21, WHOLE. 1, All Season- (SEE WHIBIT "A',during KALANDYK 341 Silver Lake GILLIVRAY 10926 Carolwood Float Wee Float Unit, 2015-