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Fern Park , Florida
January 25, 2019     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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January 25, 2019

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JANUARY 25, 2019 PAGE 3B allocated 105,000 Points as 590-598 loGated in "BUILDING GROVE VILLAGE, IL 60007- 716-722, 801-806, 808-810. "A") which amount includes,shall proceed wrfh lhe sale 2018-357806; ROMEEKIA D,E GUERRA a CAROLINA defined in the Declaration tor 5, PHASE Vh; BIENNIAU 4004; Claim ot Len recoded 812-814, 816-822 located in intaresl, late fees, and other ot the Property as provided RICHARD 2163 Oak Tree Dr MAC UAN Camino Gino use in ODD year(s). allocated 168,000 Points as on Septamber 11. 2018; "BUILDING 6, PHASE vl"; chages. Additional interest in in Sertion 721.855, Florida La Placa, LA 70068-1917 Gi ad, 2205 Santiago, EDVALDO G OLIVEIRA and defined in the Detlaration for lnstwmenl #201 80537348 ANNUAUallocated 154,000 continues to atcwe al lhe rate Stat es, the undarsigned 2600, 2611. 31. WHOLE, 1, CHIU, 1700, 1763. 5. EVEN, IZAURA D GONCALVES, use in ODD year(s). Public Recods of Orange Poin s as derlned in the ot (S68 Exhibit .'A") per day. A T stee shall: (1) PFovide you Fixed Week/Fixed Unit, 2015- 1/2, Fixed WeeMixed Unil, No ice or Detault and lntent to MICHAEL G MASON and Coun,FL. Total Due: 8593.62 Declaration ror use in EACH lien tor the aforesaid amounl,wlth wrmen notice ot the sale, 2017. 85.914.o4, 83.12, 2018- 2014-2017. $4,597.62. Foreclose sent via Ce lfied/ ESTHER c MASON. Notice of as ot July 27, 2018: descnbed year(s). has been recorded againsl the intluding the date, time and 357806; VICTOR VIRUET a,$2.40, 201 804302z8; TAD Registered Mail/ publica ion to: DetauW and lntent o Foraclose as: One (1)Vacalion Ownership All, wlthin the Condominium following real prope y localed ' location thereof; (2) Record LILLIAM DIAZ 544 Winnetka . o PATTERSON a LINDA M 14 ORCHARD ST, DANBURY, sent via Cerfitiedl Registered lnterest ("vol") having a Property submiWed to the in ORANGE Coun,Florida: the notice of sale in the Public Dr LiWle Elm, m 75068-1068, PATTERSON 1272 Lorenzo CT 06810-7742; Claim ot Len MaiU publication lo: 2209 112,000/441.210.000 undlvided timeshare Plan ot FAIRFIELD (See Exhibil .'A") (SEE WHIBIT Records ot ORANGE County, 2500. 2521, 29, WHOLE, 1, Dr Fallbrooh, CA 92028. recorded on August 28, 2018; PINE NEEDLE DR E, MOBILE, lnterest ln Unlts numbered . ORLANDOATBONNETCREEK "A") Tlme Share lntereslls) (SEE Florida; and (3) Publlsh a Flxed Wee Flxed Unit, 2015- 2200, 2242. z4. EVEN, 1/2, lnslwment #2018051 21 70, AL 36609-2712; Claim ot Lien 131-144, 146, 231-246, 3 1- RESORT, A CONDOMINIUM WHIBIT '.A") as defined in copy ot the notice of sale 2017. $5,854.04, 8 .o8, 2018- Fixed Wee Fixed Unit. 2014- Public Records ot Orange recorded on Augusl 28, 2018; 346 located in BUILDING 2,("The Resort Facility"), together the Detlara ion ot Covenant5, two (2) limes, once each 357806: 201 7, $4,597.62, $2.40, Coun,FL Total Due: lns ment #201 8051 197O, PHASE ll ; BIENNIAUallocated with all appurtenances thereto, Conditions and Re5trictions week, for lwo (2) succassive Jan. 25; Feb. 1, 2019 201 80430228; NATALIE N 8582.66 as ot July,2018; Public Records or Orange,224,000 Poin s as defined in accordlng and subject to the for Westgate Lakes, v. O cial weeks. in an ORANGE Coun L 174913 WARWICK 112 Lngan St described as: One (1) Vacation Coun . FL. Total Due: $570.27 he Declaralion for use in EVEN Declaration ot Condominium Retods Book 9580, at Page new5pap8r, provided suth a Halifax, MA 02338, 2000, Owenhip lnterest ("vol'.) as of July 3, 2018; described y6a s). for Fairfield O ando at Bonnet 608, or the Public Records ot newspaper exists al the time 2032, 44, WHOLE, 1, Fixed having a 84,000/182,421,000 as: Ona (1l Vacation Owenhip EDGAR SANTIAGO and Creek Resort a Condominium" Orange Coun,Florida (the of publishing. lf you tail to NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND WeeWFixed Unit, 2014- undivided lnterest in,lnterast ( vol ) having a LINDSAY PARIUO. Notice recoded on June 8, 2004 in Plan"), and all amendment(s) wre tha defauW as sel torth INTENT TO FORECLOSE 2017, $6,690.46. 83.49, Residential Un s numb 63,000 691,998,000 undivided ot DetauW and lntent to omcial Recods Book 7475, thereto, il any. Together wh in this notice or take other WESTGATE LAKU nLE: 20180430228; RONALD A 302-310, 312-314, 402-41o, lnt6rest in Unks num Fo lose sent via ce medl Page 881, et saq, Public the right o oKupy, pursuant appropriate artion whh regad T66g. WARWICK6 SilvaSt Ca ar, MA 412, 414 lotated in WLLAGE 1179-1186, 1188, 1190-1198, R8gisteRd Mai publica ion Records of Orang6 Coun,to the Plan, 8uilding-Unh(s) to lhis foPclosul8 maWer, you Pursuant lo Sertion 0233 1N8, 2000, 2032, 44, cENnR"; BIENNIAUalloc ed 1279-1286, 1288, 1290-1298, to: 7211 TOWN BROOW, Florida, as ha totora or (SEE HIB A,during rish losin9 owership ot your 721.855, Florida Slatlrt8s, WHOLE, 1, Fixad WaeMiwed 168,000 Points as defined in 1379-1386, 1388, 1390-1398, MIDDUTOWN, CT 7- herea er am6ndad (collettively, Unit Week(s) (SEE HIBIT im haR int&est th ugh the the undenigned Twstea as Unk, 2014-2017, 86,69o.46. the Decla tion tor use in EVEN 1481-1486, 1491-1496, 158J 6619; Claim of Len recoded the.D6claration' . A"), dunng signed V s) t rtee fo closu proc8dur6 appoin ed by wEsTGAn $3.49, 20180430228; JUAN yea s). 1586, 1591-1594 localed in on Sep ember 11, 2018: Obligon shall have the right to - (SEE HIBIT A"). eRin e ablishad in Se ion 721.855, LAKES OWNERS v GONZAW Calla 6 O6st8 NORENDAPETERSLUBINand "BUILDING 5, PHASE v; lnstwmant N2O18O537341, cu tha detauW and anyjunior ma Sha Plan pro T Florida StatLhas. You may AssoclAnoN, INC. N1O Oa e-85 Apto 601 To e LEON LUBIN, Notice ot Default BIENNIAUallocated 126,0 Public Recods of O nge lienholder shall have th6 right Add N ). As a RsuW ot doose to sign and send to mereinaRer refe to as 5 Bosque D6| Oa e Cali Valle and lntent to Foreclose 58nt Points as defined in the County, FL. Total Due: to Rd68m rfs interest up to the aloramentioned detauW, the und signed twst68 the wAssociation h8l8by fo,Colombia, CALI COLOMBIA. via Certifiedl Registered Mail/ Declaration tor use in ODD $730.94 as ot July 27, 2018; the dale th6 tw ee issu65 the sociation hereby elerts to enclosed objeclion torm, notifies ISee Ewhibit A that 1500, 1542, 30, WHOLE, publica ion to: 1471 DEAN yea s). described as: One (1) Vac ion Certifitate ot Sale by paying the sell lhe p per pu uant exercising your right to objerf you are in detauW due to your 1, Flxed WeeMixed Unh, ST BSMT, BROOKLYN, NY ORRIN KALK and ROSE M Ownenhip lnleRs ( vol amounts due as outlined in the to S6 ion 721.855, Florida to Me usa ot the twstee tailure to pay aN sm8nt(s) due 2015-2017, S5,197.3o, S2.72, 11213; Claim ot Len recorded THOMPSON, Notite of Datault having a 166,000/ 35,459,000 p c6ding paragraphs. Statutes. Please be advised roRclosur8 procadu . Upon tor (Saa Exhibit A punuanl to 201 80430228; ADMIRAL on August 2B. 2018: lnst ment and lntant lo Fo&los6 sent undivided lnte in Unhs Bc NJ COL NOS 0219 - NOS that in the eve that the deb the und8nign6d tw ee's the cia ion' s goveming D IRICK JR a SHIRLEY A mo18o512171 Public Records via Certifiedl Registe d numb6r8d 901-906, 908-910, Jan. 25; Feb. 1, 1g owed to lhe Association is not &eipt ot your signed obj6 ion docum6nts T Goveming IRICK 1318 Wat8r5pring of Orange County, FL. Total Maill publication to: PO BOX 912-914, 916-922, 1001-1006, L 174978 paid within thirfy-five (35) days form, the to&losu ot the Documents") and you now Rd Orangeburg, SC 29118, Due: $588.70 as otJuly 3, 2018; 171, FALKLAND, Bc VOE 1 8-1010, 1012-1014, 1016- a er receipt ot lhe Notica, lien with spert lo the detault owe ANotiation (See Exhibrf 2600, 2616, 23, ODD, 112, deKribed as: One (1) Vacation 1w0. CANADA: Claim ot Lan 1022, 11O1-1104, 1106, 1108, the undersigned Tw ee specified in this notice shall .'A") which amount includ F ed WeeMixed Unrf, 2015- Owne hip lntePst ( vol") r8cod6d on August 28, 2018; 11o9, 1112-1114, 1117-1122. NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND shall p ceed with the sale be sub 6cl to lhe judicial interest, late fees, and other 2017, 82,693.91,81 .40, having a 77,000/920,709,500 lnstwment N2O18O51 1971 1201-1204, 1206, 1208, 1209, INTENT TO FORECLOSE of the Properfy as provided toreclosu procedu only. charges. Addkional inteP 201 80430228; ROBERT J undivided,ere in all Public Racords ol Orange 1212-1214, 1217-1222 located WESTGATE LAKES II FILE: in in Sertion 721.855, Florida You have the right to cu tontinues to acc e at the rate MoNRoEaDEBRAD MONROE Residential Unrfs located in Coun,FL. Total Due: in BUILDING 6, PHASE vl"; 2T66g.0Tg4 Statutes, the undersigned your d6tault in the manner set ot (See Ewhibrf A par day. A 503 E Spwce St Abbotsford, BUILDING 1"; BIENNIAU 8671.81 as of Julr 3. 2018: ANNUAUallotated 1 66,000 Pursuant to Section T stee shall: (1) Provide you torth in lhis notice at any time lien tor the afo&aid a unt wl 54405, 2000, 2021, 27, allot ed 154,000 Points as described as: Ona 1) Vaca ion Poinls as defined in the 721 .855, Florida Statutes, with wri en notica ot the sale, betora th8 twst88's sale of your has baen recoded against the EVEN, 112, F 6d W6aMix8d defined in the Declaration tor Ownanhip lnte st ( vol Decla ion for use in EACH the undanignad Twst6a as including the d e, time and timeshare interest. lt you do not fo)lowing Pal property lotated Unh, 2012-2017, 86,479.62, use in EVEN yea s). having a 154,0001T25.592,000 yea s). appointed by WESTGATE location thereof: (2l Record object to the use ot lhe twstee in ORANGE Coun,florida: 82.4o, 20180430228; LULA s JOHN R DEVINEand CHERYL undivided lnt&est in Unrfs SEAN C REYNOLDS, Notite LAWS OWNERS the notice of s e in the Public toreclosura procedure, you will (See Exhibit .'A") (SEE HIBIT FRENCH 541 Tuscany Vallay D DEVINE, Ndice of DBauW numbered 501-506, 50&510, of DetauW and lntent lo ASSOCIATION, INC. Records ot ORANGE Coun,not be subj6rt to a deficiency "A") Tlma Share lnterest(s) (SEE