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January 18, 2013     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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January 18, 2013

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PAGE 14A HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JANUARY 18, 2013 Seeking Kin: Looking for light on legend of Shalom Schwartzbard By Hillel Kuttler to ask" because most of the then Switzerland and Paris, Thirtyyearslater, Schwartz- anti-Semite but rather "was elders-have passed away, said working as a watchmaker, bard's remains were brought friendly historically" to Jews. BALTIMORE (JTA)--Tam- Dagan, a retiree who worked writing poetry and gravitat- toIsraelandhewasreinterred "Petliurawasnotpersonally ar Dagan of Jerusalem is for Israel's Foreign Ministry ing to other socialists and onMoshavAvichail,justnorth responsibleforpogroms.Were related to a man who nearly a and then for a kindergarten anarchists.Hewasadecorated of Netanya. there pogroms? Of course, centuryagokilledsomeonehe near her home in the Belt soldier inthe French Foreign An explanatory plaque there were," said Hunczak, a held responsibleforthemass Hakerem neighborhood of LegionduringWorldWarIand in the cemetery refers to native of Pidhyaci, Ukraine, murder of Jews. Now Dagan Jerusalem. later went to Russia. In the Schwartzbard as a "Jewish and author of a 2008 book on wants to know more about Dagan also didn't ask period following the revolu- hero." Some scholars are less PetliuraandtheJews."Hewas her relative. ..... her mother much about tion that toppled the czar, he definitive, notnecessarilythebestleader, Dagan's parents, Yosefand Hi Schwartzbard's notorious fought in the RedArmy. AnatolyPodolsky, thedirec- but he was a decent person." Hinda Lipzin, grew up in act. But she remembers her After a few years back in toroftheUkrainianCenterfor Having heard the academi- the Satanovshtetlinwhat i  mothercallingSchwartzbard Paris, Schwa:tzbardlearned Holocaust Studies, saidthat cians'assessment,Daganisn't thenwas Russiaand today is "aherowhokilledtheevflPet- thatPetliurahadmovedthere, after the Soviet Union fell two sure believe. western Ukraine. The couple liura, the enemy of the Jews," too. Schwartzbard decided decades ago, serious research "I onlY know what I read: reached prestate Israel in Dagansaid, usingtheHebrew to kill Petliura because of began into such matters as thathehatedJewsandledthe 1934, three years before Da- phrase from the Book of Es- the pogroms in Ukraine that Petliura's legacy, pogroms,"shesaidofPetliura. gan's birth. CourtsTm Dagan ther that described Haman, took the lives of 14 members Podolsky called the years "Now, [people] come and say Hinda Lipzin's maiden Tamar Dagan hopes that whohadplottedtodestroythe of Schwartzbard's family. He immediately following the no. But it's hard to prove. I name, Schwartzbard, is by locating a man in the Jews ofancientPersia, held Petliura responsible, as Russian Revolution "very don't know what to think." legendary--infamously so. United States who might be The facts appear to be cut he had headed the Ukrainian complicated," due largely to A moment later, Dagan One of her kin was Shalom related to her, she can help and dry--at least in Jew- National Army. the power struggles among telephoned to remark about Schwartzbard, who in 1926 shed light on the legacy of ish lore. A Street sign in the TheSchwartzbardswere far czarists, Red Army forces and the research. killed Semyon Petliura in Shalom Schwartzbard. southern reaches ofBeersheva fromtheonlyvictims.Accord- Ukrainian nationalists. "Itwas "It's like people today who broad daylight on a Paris is telling. It marks the short ing to some estimates, more a very terrible period for Jews deny the Holocaust," she said. street. Many Jews at the presumed to be living in the city block between Palmach than 1,000 pogroms were inUkraine,"PodolskysaidJan. "It upsets me." time considered the killing United States. and Negba streets that is launched in the late 1910s, 10 from his office in Kiev. Please email Hillel Ku't- a justifiable act of revenge All Dagan knows about called Avenger Street, with killing as many as 100,000 "Petliura was not anti- tler at if for Petliura's presumed role Arkadi is what someone called the parentheses on the sign Jews. Thousands more were Jewish--but as a leader, he youknow the whereabouts in anti-Jewish pogroms in totellherrecentlyaftershewas noting that it also is called brutally tortured and raped, was responsible," said Podol- of Arkadi Sch. wartzbard. Ukraine. Some scholars today, interviewedontheIsraeliradio ShalomSchwartzbardStt'eet. On a Paris sidewalk on the sky, whocitedrecentresearch If you would like "Seeking however, believe that Petliura program "Hamador L'chipUs Thesignprovidestheyearshe afternoon of May 25, 1926, into a pogrom in Proskurov Kin" to write about your was neither anti-Semitic nor Krovim" (Searching for Rela- lived, 1886-1938, and states, Schwartzbard shot Petliura in February 1919 in which search for long-lost relatives amurderer, tives Bureau): He served in the "A writer and the avenger multipletimes.Inacelebrated 1,500 Jews were killed. One of and friends, please include Dagan is hoping to find military before leaving for the of the blood of Ukrainian trial that included testimony Petliura's military chiefs was the principal facts and your ArkadiSchwartzbard, whoshe United States in 1994with his Jewry. In Paris in 1926, he by survivors of the pogroms, the pogrom's leader; Petliura contact information in a thinkscouldbeherrelative-- wife and two children, killed Petliura, the leader of Schwartzbard was acquitted, ordered him executed, Podol- briefemail. "Seeking Kin" is and, by extension, a relative Dagan also isn't sure the Ukrainian rioters. In a Following his release, he skysaid, sponsoredbyBrynaShuchat of Shalom Schwartzbard. precisely where Shalom trial that turned into a case planned to move to prestate A Rutgers University pro- and Joshua Landes andfam- She hopes,, too, that Arkadi Schwartzbard falls on her against the pogroms, he was Israel but was refused by Brit- fessor emeritus in history, ily in loving memory of their Schwartzbardmightbeableto family tree. acqui.tted." ish Mandate authorities. He Taras Hunczak, said in a mother and grandmother, shed lightonShalom'slegend "I didn't ask how we're re- A native of Ukraine, diedwhilevisitingSouthMrica separate interview on Jan. Miriam Shuchat, a lifelong within the family. Arkadi is lated, and now there's no one Schwartzbard left for Vienna, and was buried in Cape Town. 10 that Petliura was not an uniter of the Jewish people. Family connections and disconnections By Rabbi Rachel Esserman W.NortonandCompany).Da- feed our hearts and souls, accomplishment, though, is Gretchenmustcometoterms might be said to play a major The O/estal, N.Y.) Reporter vid Halpert, a Jewish lawyer, Almost everyone thinks convincingly portraying how with the knowledge that her role. Deborah, who serves as originally return to Detroit David is crazy to move back David finds his heart and family (including her beloved the novel's narrator, finds Families' connections-- for a few months in order to Detroit. His new neighbor home in Detroit.  grandmother) thinks of her herselfdisappointedtimeand and disconnections--have to help decide the fate of his finds it almost impossible to "A Wedding in Great as a failure in both work and againbyherparents'behavior. been the focus offiction since mother, who has dementia, believe:"AJewish boy doesn't Neck" life.Whatshewantsforherself The photography class she humans first began to tell Something about being move from Denver back to Althoughweddingsaresup- is something unpopular in takes and her connection stories. Hearing and reading in the city shows David just Palmer Woods, where there posedtobetirnesofunbridled contemporary times: "She to a synagogue youth group about other people's joys and how meaningless his life in are no Jews left, just on a joy, for many, they serve as a wantedtobe ofuse...aquaint, serve as the only stable parts sorrows can help us better Denver hasbecome. Not even whim. Something happened, major source of stress. Take, old-fashioned concept, es- of her life. understand ourselves and the fact that his former high' You're fleeing disbarment, an for example, the wedding day pecially when compared to Taking photos--and view- our families. Three recent school girlfriend,. Natalie, embezzlement charge, tax of Angelica, the youngest that of her classmates, who ing her life as if through the novels--"Say Nice Things and her brother have been evasion, something." member of the Silverstein [had been] busy angling for lenseofacameramhelpskeep About Detroit," "A Wedding murderedin astreet shooting While he is fleeing his bar- family, where disaster is just fast-track corporate jobs and her relatively sane. This is in Great Neck" and "The Di- deters him. In fact, meet- ren life, being back in Detroit waiting to strike. Trouble admission into the trifecta of clearfromherthoughtsaftera vorce Girl"--focus on family ing Natalie's younger sister, makes David fallin love again .could come from a variety of professional schools--law, particularly bad incidentwith life, Iooking atillness, death, Caroline--whostayedintown with his hometown. Pride sources:herdivorcedparents, medicine or business." Le- a neighbor: "I was not crying, marriage and divorce, to help her mother after the plays a role in this, as he real- BetsyandLincoln, the latter of nore, Betsy's mother and although I told myself that "Say Nice Things About funerals--makes him realize izes when listening to music whom is a recovering alcohol- the siblings' grandmother, this was the place in the story Detroit" why Detroit means so much on his car radio: The station ic; her sister, Gretchen, whois has several agendas for the where the girl cries. Some- While the title of a famous to him. Yet, Davl also learns "played music that was new dealingwitha failedmarriage day. Not only does she Want thing in me had sealed shut, novel claims "You Can't Go howthebestofintentionscan when he was young but now and a disgruntled teenage to enjoy Angelica's wedding, and I could see the incident Home Again," this is fortu- backfire in unexpected ways. was called classic: Mitch Ry- daughter; and the resentment she hopes "to deal with her only as a series of pictures: natelynottrueforthecharac- The novel combines several der, Bob Seger, Glenn Frey, felt by all three of Angelica's wayward grandchildren," the creep trying to push the tersin"SayNiceThingsAbout stories to show the ways blood Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper. siblings due to the fact that helping them find their place door open, me slamming it Detroit" by Scott Iasser (W. and love create families that Detroiters all... Throw in she is not only the favorite in life.However, the actions of shut, me running in a blur to John Lee Hooker and Aretha child of her parents, but her one person threatens to create Iockthe doors, me sittingvery Franklin and Marvin Gaye, very richstep-father.All these havoc and ruin the day. still right now. Yet ven when  Development Corporation for Israel Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, emotions and many more The novel has some prob- I tried to put all the pictures SmokeyRobinsonandtherest are on display in Yona Zeldis lems: The characters are a together, they didn't begin to State of Israel Bonds . of Motown, the jazz of Carter, McDonough's "A Wedding in bit stereotyped and the plot tell the story." What's left out 12600 South Belcher Road, Suite 101A Burell, and the Hendersons, Great Neck" (New American is melodramatic and predict- is whythe neighborwas at her SRAELS Largo, Florida 33773 the power of MC5 and the Library). What's interesting is able, although McDonough house:Deborahmethimwhen Stooges, the pop of Madonna thatwhileMcDonoughexam r does supply a few surprises, trying to escape her unstable Reva Peadstein Monica DiGiovanni and the current efforts of ines the thoughts of several Still, "A Wedding in Great and violent father. Assistant Director Registered Representative Ritchie, Mathers and White, characters, Angelicais notone Neck" makes for quick, fun Parts of"The Divorce Girl". 727-539-6445 800-622-8017 and you could argue that 0f them. Readers learn about reading, particularly for those are difficult to read because what the Motor City really her through her actions and whoenjoy family dramas, it's obvious that Deborah is made, the thing that would those of her family. "The Divorce Girl" depressed. The behavior of .... , .... -, ..... ,,,_ ...... last long after the Ren Cen Although the novel takes Divorce affects every mem- the parents is inexcusable. '' .......  ..... crumbled into the river and place in a single day, the Sil- ber of a family. That's made In particular, her father's the world no longer needed verstein family history is on clear in Caryn Mirriam- actions should be c0nsidered cars, was music." display. For example, Betsy Goldberg's "The Divorce child abuse, although no one YAN Lasser writes well, offering realizes that although she Girl" (Ice Cube Press), which (not even the sane adults in insights into his characters' served as the primary parent takes place in the 1970s. her life) consider reporting natures, particularlytheways forAngelica, herdaughterhas Teenager Deborah Shapiro him. photography they come to understand alwayspreferredheralcoholic has difficulty finding a corn- It's a compliment on Mir- what they need to do to find father. Of course, this leads fortable spot for herself after riam-Goldberg's writing that Weddings Bar & Bat Mivahs All Events & Simchas happiness. Although at times Betsy to ponder how "there her parents' nightmare of a my reaction to the novel was Timeless Images, Real Value. the novel engaged my intellect was no sense in this and no divorce. Truth seems to be so extreme at times. The more than my emotions, as justice either. But, then, when the first casualty, wi(h each author does an excellent job the plot lines began to merge, had sense or justice ever been spouse blaming the other for placing readers in Deborah's 407.341,3451 the action kept me turning governing forces in the inex- the break-up, although the head; unfortunately, that'snot 00.yanman,com, pages. The author's greatest plicableworkingsofafamily?" deathofoneoftheirchildren always a pleasant place to be: