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January 17, 2014     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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January 17, 2014

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PAGE 4A HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, JANUARY 17, 2014 The phantom Iran nuclear deal By Ben Cohen perts"towhomWaltrefers?Theanswerisfound are to be held in Vienna this week. As Reuters in asurvey carried out by the National Journal, reported, "Western diplomats said the experts atitlepopularwithWashington, D.C. insiders, must iron out nitty-gritty matters of imple- When it comes to the most asinine response And, indeed, 75 percent of those questioned mentation not addressed in Geneva before the to the purported deal between the world's d idlieve the deal is a good thing--but with deal ¢,n be put into practice." Well, if Iran's main powers and Iran over the latter's nuclear G many qualifications added, the notion of mullahs are already reaping the rewards of an program, top honors to go Harvard University's "support" becomes almost meaningless. Asr unsigned deal, and if most of the world thinks Stephen Walt. one of the analysts pointed out, "If it becQl6s Walt was the co-author, with his academic the final deal, it's disastrous." 7 ....... '-ghn.Mearsheimer, of "The Israel Quite. And to that we cardd that it's a Lobby," a badly Yecxrched, poorly argued very big "if." 1 7 screed about how a cluster-Israel orga- The immediate que(in mark hanging over nizations have cajoled successive lJ.xadmin- th%Ixat¢ deal isn't rlated to the objections istrations into doing things they otherws*--gf Israel and its Cgressional supporters, wouldn't have done. t. those a,qflmportant voices. Rather, Paranoically obsessed withwhat he regards thul trrh is that no deal has actually as the malign influence of Israel and its sup- beeupon. At best, the Geneva talks pi)rters, Walt has made it his personal mis- yielded understanding that Iran's nuclear sion to defend the Iranian nuclear deal. Like program has to come under more stringent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he thinks it's the deal of the century; unlike Netanyahu, he thinks the main beneficiary is not the Iranian regime, but the United StatesI Hence Walt's recent tweet: "75 percent of NatSec experts support Iran deal. So what explains Congressional opposition?" Great wit that he is, Walt added, "(Hint: maybe a powerful lobby?)" Just who are these "National Security ex- monitoring in the near future, in exchange for a significant lightening of the sanctions imposed on the Iranian regime. But because of the fanfare that the Obama administration deliberately stoked around the Geneva talks, governments and international financial institutions are starting to behave as though the sanctions have already been lifted. That is a problematic development, to say the least, given that further talks with the Iranians they have already been very cooperative, then they have little incentive to go the extra mile to ensure that the International Atomic En- ergy Agency is able to carry out rigorous and effective inspections of their nuclear facilities• The ham-fisted diplomacy of Secretary of State John Kerry appears fatally flawed not just in this area, but in others too. By granting Iran the right to enrich uranium, the principles articulated in Geneva violate several U.N. Se- curity Council resolutions that insisted Iran had to end all enrichment activity. The regime's reactor at Arak will remain operational, with every chance of producing weapons-grade plutoniumin the future. Incredibly, there is not even an acknowledgement of the clandestine origins of Iran's nuclear program, and therefore no mechanism for ensuring that the regime doesn't start enriching uranium at secret sites like the'one at Fordow, exposed in 2009. Against this reality, President Barack Obama's recent claim that "for the first time in a decade, we have halted progress of Iran's nuclear program" comes across as halluci- nogenically false. All such a statement does is deepen the suspicion that the president is quite happy for Iran to weaponize its nuclear program--just not while he's in the White House. In turn, that allows us to engage in rea- sonable speculation about the true motives of the partisans of this undone deal with Iran. For those like Stephen Walt, as well as organizations like the pro-Tehran National Iranian-American Council, th e goal here is not to peacefully resolve the Iranian nuclear question. They are quite happy for Iran to have nuclear weapon.s, because that would result in Israel, a country they loathe, losing its military edge, thus forcing the U.S. to question the strategic wisdom of its historic alliance with the Jewish state. That's why it's vital to remember thatwe have not, yet, arrived at such an outcome. And that's why it's equally vital to back Israel's insistence that it be allowed to respond independently to the continuing Iranian threat--including, if necessary, through a military strike. Ben Cohen is the Shillman analyst for JNS. org. His writings on Jewish affairs and Middle Eastern politics have been published in Com- mentary, the New York Post, Ha'aretz, Jewish Ideas Daily and many other publications. Are terrorists attacking U.S.? By Ed Ziegler Islamic terrorists attack America in many ways. Their goal is to Islamize America. We need the help of good Muslims to identify not so obvious ways that we are being attacked, such as noted below• They attempt to control work conditions. An employee at Disney World who, for her ¢ligion, suddenly insisted on modifying her costume with an Islamic headdress. It seems it was not good enough for this Muslim woman that Disney offered to allow the headdress for a different position. Then there are the em- ployees at Target stores who suddenly refused to handle products containing pork. There is also"Lawfare" (Legal Intimidation): The threat of suing a company or individual such as Paul Harvey and Michael Savage, pres- suring their targets to stop making objection- able comments about Islam. The lawsuit is also used to send a subtle threatening message to everyone else. They participate in feel-good interfaith presentations that allow Muslims, with ul- terior motives, to mislead us into thinking how peaceful Islam is. We might believe them if they enumerated their actions to stop the Islamic terrorists. There is the devious brain-washing attacks on our children• They use textbooks consisting of both subtle and blatant distortions favoring Islam. Organizations such as Act For America and Citizens For National Security have identi- fied over 50 such textbooks in use by schools across the country. Only a few school boards, such as Brevard and Palm Beach, in Florida, have been en- lightened and are taking corrective action. A sample of a biased textbook is Pearson- Prentice-Hall's World History that used three paragraphs to describe the origins of Judaism, four paragraphs to describe Christianity and 32 pages to gush over the beneficent growth of Islam. If you are interested in a list of tainted textbooks contact me. It is estimated that there are 1000 Muslim Student Associations (MSA) in universities across America and Canada. MSA clubs invite radical Islamic speakers and/or publish radical messages. At Ohio State University the MSA's newspaper includes articles from groups clas- sified by the U.S. State Department as terrorist organizations, groups such as the Algerian Armed Islamic Group and Islamic Salvation Front. This MSA sold propaganda videos such as "Martyrs of Bosnia" for use only at Muslim gatherings. In May 2013, CNN reported that two women, naturalized U.S. citizens from Somalia, were sentenced to lengthy prison sentences for illegally fundraising for Somali terrorists• Evidence presented at their trial showed they supported the terror group between 2008 and 2009. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley sent a letter to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director John Sandweg expressing concerns about the abuse of the EB-5 visa program, specificallywarning loopholes could allow Iranian terrorist operatives to infiltrate the United States. Grassley's inquiry came in response to an ICE memo raising the same concern. On Jan. 28, 2011, U.S. border guards caught Said Jaziri, a Tunisan radical Islamic cleric, at- tempting to enter the U.S. illegally. Previously he was forcibly deported from Canada. Depart- ment of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano admitted that suspected terrorists enter the U.S. from Mexico as well. Some less obvious terrorist techniques that may appear to be of little importance are fundraising to finance terrorists, taking government positions to push their agenda, financing university department heads and courses, illegal immigration, lobbying to influence the public, and disrupting public speakers whose opinion they disagree with. Be a proud American and assist defending organizations such as ACT and Citizens for National Security. THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF HERITAGE MANAGEMENT.   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Box 300742 (407) 834-8787 Production Department Fern Park, FL 32730 FAX (407) 831-0507 David Lehman • Joyce Gore email: Elaine Schooping • Gil Dombrosky I Letter from Israel By Ira Sharkansky The latest Palestinian threat to leave the negotiations and turn to the international community to give it what it wants comes after the passage in the Israeli government of a proposal to attach the Jordan Valley to Israel. The principal promoter of the proposal is MK Miri Regev, one of the most outspoken of the parliamentarians in the right wing of the Likud delegation. Most likely this will join several other efforts of Israeli politicians to threaten Palestinians and Israeli Arabs with something approach- ing an apocalypse. Remember the proposal of Avigdor Lieberman, repeated several times, to trade areas of israel populated by Arabs, along with its population, for areas of the West Bank populated by Jews. Lieberman is now foreign minister, and no longer speaking of trading off Israel's Arabs. Regev's proposal is not expected to go far in the complex process that the Knesset employs to enact legislation. Somewhat lower in the level of threat are the recent expressions of Prime Minister Netanyahu, responding to the firing of five missiles from southern Lebanon to Israel (only one of which made it out of Lebanon, and that landing on an empty field) by describing the IDF response as immediate and destructive. Reporters with access to the IDF described Israel's retaliation as aimed for empty fields, and meant to hint at Israel's concern rather than do any real damage. While the prime minister said that Israel would hold the Leba- nese Army and Hezbollah responsible for any attacks, it was reported that those actually firing the missiles, and doing an amateurish job of it, were members of an al-Quaida linked factional group, most likely meaning to spur Israeli action against their Hezbollah rivals. Why Israel's bluster? Is it yet another case of smoke and mirrors? Or are they threats, more or less credible, but useful to the prime minister by way of providing him with the means to balance the crazies among the Palestinians, or what he may view as the extremism of the American secretary of state? They allow him to say, or perhaps only to hint, that if the Palestinians and Americans do not behave reasonably then the Israeli policy may actu- ally move in ways that may be catastrophic for Palestine and unpleasant for their American and European supporters. The prime minister may be suggesting to Kerry or the Palestinians that he risks losing control of his political party and hi govern- ment to those on his right, and that the Palestinians and Americans must moderate their demands. If they see Netanyahu as an extremist, he is a moderate compared to who may win control of the Israeli government. Looming even deeper in the background is Hinting at crazy Israel's massive military might• It can destroy much of Gaza and the West Bank, as well as Lebanon. In each case the IDF would cause massive flows of refugees outward, most likely before the international community can decide to act. And if Israel truly does have nuclear weapons, it has joined the club of countries that can be threatened only at the considerable risk of those who would threaten it. How credible are such possibilities? There areother indicati0ns suggesting t.haL Israel is a long way from desiring a drastic solution of its problems. One indication appears in Israel's dealing with the highly sensitive subject of what Jews call the Temple Mount, and Muslims the Noble Sanctuary or Haram al-Sharif. Israel has tolerated the daily management of the site by Muslim religious authorities. Jews are forbidden to pray there, and cannot visit it during Muslim times of prayer, holy days, or when Muslim authorities feel a need to flex their muscles. Israel has protested, but toler- ated Muslim constructions under the surface that destroy archaeological evidence of Jewish temples, whose existence the Muslims deny. Explanations of Israel's postures focus on its desire to keep the Palestinian masses quiet, and to remain on the good side of Jordan, whose monarchy claims its supreme patronage of the Muslim holy places in Jerusalem. AsArab spring has developed in the direction of considerable chaos throughout the Middle East, there are also signs of political change, Israel can ponder the attractive possibilities of participating with governments it can call "moderate," currently prevailing in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunis, Morocco, and in several of the Gulf Emirates. With some of those places Israeli companies do considerable business, but in ways that none of the parties talk about. The same explanations apply to Israel's mod- est use of force, even when provoked, against Lebanon and Gaza. Israel does not want to make waves that may rebound to harm it, or limit its access to wider markets and support. Of prime importance for Israel is economic and cultural access to other democracies, without which its present quality of life is untenable. Should Israel really become an outcast, it could expect damage from within by an exodus of the people it does not want to lose. Netanyahu adheres to the rules of a game. He seeks to avoid extreme actions that will end discussions with Palestinians, and cause widespread blame of Israel. While few com- mentators are betting on a peace agreement, a number of them perceive that Netanyahu wants any blame for the failure to lay once aain on Palestinian rejectionism. Israel's status is delicate, threatened by nasty rhetoric from governmental and non- Sharkansky on page 12A