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January 17, 2003     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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January 17, 2003

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PAGE 4 HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH By David Bornstein The biggest quiet deal in Central Florida Several times last year our community was Westminster Care Orlando, a nursing home called upon to come out en masse to support a with a wing geared towards Jewish elderly. zoning change for a twenty acre parcel of Many more holes in our provision of senior property in the Lake Mary area. And we did, services still need addressing. But one has now filling the Seminole County Board room with been filled, in a unique, visionary understated standing room only crowds in favor of the way. It's time you understood the process. endeavor. Known as Oakmont, thislandwillbe More than two years ago a small group of the home, in the near future, to a self sufficient individuals came to the Federation asking for Jewish senior living facility geared towards the help. They wanted seed money to start the ball middle and upper income Jewish seniors in our rolling for the acquisition of land for a senior community. It goes without saying that, for village. Rhonda Pearlman, president of the years there have been serious gaps in services Kinneret Council on Aging, Mark Silverberg to the elderly locally. That shortfall was par- and Farlen Halikman, two Kinneret board tially addressed by the Jewish Pavilion at members, and Judy Kahan, the executive di- By Carl Alpert The mood in Israel today rector of Kinneret, made a pitch for $300,000. After a typically long and heartfelt Federation debate the request was granted, and the race was on. Recently the Federation went out on a limb again, and purchased land for the new senior village, understanding that it will all be repaid when bond financing is in place later this year. It's important, no, critical to note that with- out the vision of people like Rhonda, Mark, Farlen, Judy, and the Kinneret board, the pro- cess would never have begun. It's equally vital to give the Federation credit for making a leap of faith and supporting the project wholeheart- edly. The Federation has taken the burden of risk on its shoulders. And when you think about it, it sure makes sense. Not only is the Federation doing what it does best - enabling others to provide vital services to our Jewish community, it is providing those services to its most prominent donors, the major patrons of Jewish charities who up to this point in time have had nowhere to go except the Mayflower when they need additional services in their old age. Naysayers ought to stand up and take notice. Without both bodies acting together, we would be no further along today than we were twenty years ago. The list goes on. As I have watched and reviewed, what has impressed me most pro- foundly has been the quality of professional help and guidance that has surrounded the project. Paul Mandelkern, (also a Senior Ser- vices committee member) Aaron Gorovitz, and Bob Weissmann from the Lowndes law firm, and Warren Bloom have provided legal coun- sel. Howard Lefkowitz has spearheaded the land acquisition. Eddie Kleiman, who special- izes in the development of multi-family and senior housing facilities around the country, has lent his deveiopmentacumen to the And those are just some of the local involved. Top professionals in t hired to get this deal off the CRSA out of Memphis, experienced s in senior housing and care wide, Dorsky/Hodgson and" Partners, tects, who have desi the country, and J. Sims and Co. Banker, who specialize taxable bond financing for senior cilities, are all on board. There may more professional and experienced individuals and organizatiohs brou in Jewish Orlando to plan undertaking of this scope. What is the Try on a forty to fifty million dollar development that will with a little bit of| and a lot of sweat e( later this year. There are still unmet needs for niors in Orlando. We need a well run nursm every year. We need an assisted living for lower and middle income seniors. ways needs more. But if you're thinkin making ing complex, you might want to put your p on hold for a little while. And thirty years we might be neighbors you at Oakmont. The opinions expressed in the writer's, and not those anb word until next week. Write the Heritage, 0 rnail gour comments, critiques, to HAIFA--Israelis, like people everywhere, SharonandtheLikudreallywintheJanuary28 have their eyes fixed on that yet unknown date election, as forecast? Will other parties join in when the U.S. will attack Iraq. But for Israel a national unity coalition? How will the Arabs there are far-reaching implications which will vote, if at all? What about the religious vote? deeply affect life in this country. The mood in The policies of the state will be determined Israel today? Not panic, not fear, not confusion, accordingly. but a great many questions, some related to the 9. Let's not forget the economy. Unemploy- Iraq crisis, and many more growing out of the ment is rising. Will we still have a job in mid country's other unique problems. In general, year? Will our store or business be able to stay folks don't often discuss these matters, except above water? What will happen to the Tel Aviv in family circles, but probe the mind of an stock exchange? average Israeli these days and one is apt to find 10. And speaking of water - the winter has the following questions, seeking answers, made a good start, but we're going to need a lot 1. When will the U.S. strike? Immediately more rain to replenish our dangerously dimin- after our elections at the end of January? In ishedwaterreservesintheSeaofGalileeandin mid-February? .It's important for us to know. the underground aquifers. 2. How will the Iraqis react? Last time they 11. yes, terrorism. Will it continue, rained 39 Scud missiles on Israel and it was a decline, expand? What should our policy be? miracle that only one fatality resulted. But this Fight it vigorously? Offer the Palestinians a time there is talk of deadly biological or chemi- generous compromise? cal weapons of mass destruction. 12. In the meantime, how will we be affected 3.IncaseofamajorbombingofIsraelwillwe by the growing wave of anti-Semitism in the react by counter blows against Iraq? And if so, world? Will theworld clamp down on Israel and how will the Muslim/Arab world react? compel it to accept a well-armed, hostile state 4. We are told to be ready. Shall we prepare of Palestine next door? sealed rooms in our homes and check our gas 13. Will our kinsmen overseas, collectively masks? The boxes containing the masks carry known as world Jewry, stand by us through a note to the effect that they should not be thick and thin? Is there any chance of large opened until there is need. How can we prac- scale immigration from the Diaspora? tice? 14. Will those few naive, humanity-loving 5. What should we stock up on? Bottled Jews in Israel and abroad, who are today loudly water, we are advised, in case of a break in the making common cause with.the Arabs, finally drinkingwatersupply.Howmuchnon-perish- awaken to the fact that they are acting as able food? How long will the crisis last? unwitting collaborators with a peoplewho have 6. To leave the country and take what we made it clear that their goal is the ultimate hope will be a short vacation overseas, or re- destruction of Israel? main stoically at home, or seek some domestic There are more problems as well, but despite resort here, like Eilat or the Negev, far from them all and despite the tension, life appears to thickly populated areas which will be prime go on almost normally. Weddings and Bar targets? Jerusalem is considered safe because Mitzvahs take place with rejoicing. Crowds the Muslims will not wish to endanger their turn out for sports events. Children go to own holy spots, school daily. Books are published and read. 7. Shall we pessimistically check our wills? Television programs are followed avidly and After all, it has been announced that certain folks pursue their hobbies. Security precau- large public parks have already been earmarked tions are evident, but these are now accepted as as emergency cemeteries in case oflarge num- part of normality. After all, we have been bets of casualties, through times like these more than once in our 8. But we have other concerns as well. Will short recent history. THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF HERITAGE MANAGEMENT. O 0 0 CENTRAL FLORIDA'SINDEPENDENTJEWISHVOICE O 0 0 ISSN 0199-0721 Winner of 36 Press Awards EditogPublisber Jeffrey Gaeser Editor Emeritus Associate Editor Gene SLam Kim Fischer HERITAGEFloridaJeufahNews (ISN 0199-0731) is Society Editor published weeidy for $34.95 per year to Florida ad- Gloria Yousha dresses ($41.95 for the rest of the U.S.) by HERITAGE R,mkkmm~na Central Florida Jewish News, Inc 207 O'Brien Road, E~ng Suite 101, Fern Park, FL32730. Periodicals postagepaid at Fern Park and additional mailing offices. Account Executives POSTMASTER: Send address changes and other Barbara do Carrno Marci Gaeser correspondence to: HERITAGE, P.O. Box 300742, Sara Crusade Fern Park, FL 32730. Contributing Columnists Jim Shipley Carl Alpert MAILING ADDRESS PHONE NUMBER Tim BoxerDavid Bomstein Gail Simons P.O. Box 300742 (407) 834-8787 Fern Park, FL 32730 FAX (407) 831-0507 email: Production Depadment David Lehman Teri Marks Rachel Levy By Morris J. Amitay Hold on to your hats, your seats or whatever - we are in for quite a year. And anyone who tries to predict with any certainty what 2003 will bring is skating on really thin ice. But amidst all the uncertainty as to what might happen regarding Iraq, North Korea, or the ongoing terrorist threat, certain fundamentals will not change. You will still be able to count on the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, and CNN to continue with their Israel-bashing. With all that has happened in the Middle East, the major stories in both the aforementioned dailies on the same day last week led with similar headlines. We had ' Nith West Bank Stones and Gunfire, Another Child Dies" from the NY Times, and "Israeli Troops Slay Pales- tinian Boy" from the Post. And both followed up with stories about Israeli Border Police beatings of Palestinians. These days, the only reason to pick-up the Times is to read columnist Bill Satire. As for the Post, thankfully there is Charles Krauthammer, and when he addresses the subject, George Will. Otherwise, Israel remains the whipping boy as reflected in their slanted news coverage and editorials. We can also be assured of seeing more public opinion polls expertly "cooked" to produce the desired results by pollster John Zogby. Whether it was his "comprehensive survey of attitudes and opinions in the Arab world" paid for by the Saudi-backed Arab Thought Foundation, or a joint survey Zogby conducted for the Arab American Institute (led by his brother, Jim) and Americans for Peace Now, you can bet the results will show that Israel and America are the villains, tnd that all the Arabs want is peace and justice. As The Washington Post headlined the first gogby effort - "Poll finds Arabs Dislike U.S. Based on Policies It Pursues." (Guess what policies toward which country?) And if Americans for Peace Now were not contemptible enough, we can always count on some Israelis, like those of Gush Shalom which, a Jerusalem Post editorial aptly described as demonstrating that "perfidy can be brought to new heights." Self-described by a Gush Shalom founder as"peacier then Peace Now," it reflects the same self-abasement as Israel's Meretz Party which still longs for Yasser Arafat as a peace partner. For these poor deluded souls further concessions to the Arabs are always the solu- tion. While some in so-called the "peace camp" have seen the light, there will still be the Yossi Beilins and Yossi Sarids who just won't face reality. But no matter, what ever the composition of a new Israeli government after the upcoming elections, Israeli policy toward the Palestinians will have to be based on the conclusion reached by an unnamed IDF intelligence officer: in the Israelis are viewed as "invaders" into that does not belong to them, established an entity which within Arab and Muslim living serves as a bridgehead for for Western civilization. The stru an existential one between the Zionist prise and the Palestinian national enter This being the case, Quartet's "roadmap" leading anywhere "perdition" as Zalman Shoval put it, or likely our State De be good for Israel? Not likely. no Israeli government will be able to this warmed over Oslo mush. One can hope that President Bush sticks to stated in his own June 24 speech, and inclined toward the Wolfowitz school of foreign policy, as to the State Department's culture of a ment. Here in America we will undoubtedly tinue t( of peace, despite the fact that so man' hate us simply for what we are, have done. This continues to be too accept by many Americans, increasingly non-judgmental and more reluctant to criticize others. This nomenon, according to John Leo, has "an orgy of self-examination ing around the invited or deserved the attacks." We can expect more of this thinking as we debate the use of military in the new year and as we continue toI Muslim-Americans as But how many Americans, much political leadership, have the courage the very basic question posed of the Freedom Research Foundation? i Isn't it time to - for at least just abandon political correctness, stop ing for our accomplishments, and claim to the world that 21st Centur Civilization is morally superior to a still stuck in the Dark Ages of the 7th Don't bet on hearing too much of talk in 2003 - particularly Presidential as Powell's new initiative to democracy to the Muslim world will much headway in Arab society. What counts more in the Arab world any American PR blitz, will be the American tanks entering Baghdad this This is something the most royal of the - royals and the most devout of the mullahs will understand. And when this fully happens, we can hear our European "friends" See "Amitay" on page 5