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January 16, 2004     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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January 16, 2004

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FLORIOA JEWISH NEWS, JANUARY 16, 2004 PAGE l; )the first, American Jews Iot~ph Aaron That, and opening our check- citizen input matters for noth- Well, our silence has resulted the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, never be criticized, sowe like it News books, is our duty and only ing, where political corruption in a mushrooming of mob in- called Israel's attorney general whenour leaderdoesthe same. duty to the Jewish state, is rampant, fluence in Israel. Israel, indeed, "worse than Eichmann and But again, that is no favor. Ill--I come be- For starters, that attitude is One of the results of that is has become a haven for money Hitler."Thatwouldbebadany- AskmostAmericanJewswhich you this time not to point whytheAmericanJewishcom- thatdevelopmentgoesonbased laundering, sex slavery and where, but in Israel to compare presidents they hate the most dangers of embracing munity is losing the allegiance on which contractor is lining drug running, the attorney general to Hitler in terms of Israel and they'll s like House of so many young Jews. They thepocketsofwhichpolitician. Last month was a relatively is especially despicable. Espe- tell you Carter and Bush the Leader Tom DeLay see things about Israel they Things like environmental im- calm one in terms of Palestin- cially for someonewho says he first.Theywere,afterall,tough Christian nuts don't like, don't agree with, pact studies are non existent, ians murderinglsraelis. Itwas, represents religion, as in Juda- on, critical of Israel, pushed .'11 just because andsofinditobscenetheycan't That has been true since however, a big month for Is- ism. Israel. somany say what they think. They see a Israel's founding. While those raelis murdering Israelis, all Oh, and why did Peretz say Andyet, the factsshow, his- about Israel. Jewishcommunitynotopento in the environmental move- the result of underworld dis- that?Becausetheattorneygen- tory shows that no presidents SOund like our bestfree expression, self examina- ment in Israel have warned putes, era] has such strong evidence have done more to make Israel they are not. Ev- tion, honest interchanges, about the dangers of that, And then there is the matter of Peretzbeinginvolvedincor- safer and more secure, to pre- and are frank discussions and so they AmericanJewshavesatmeekly of civility. Everyone who has ruption, thathe'stryingtohave pare Israel for the future, than is everything we stand look for all that, not to men- by, not uttering a word, not ever spent anytime in Israel his Knesset immunity lifted, did Carter and Bush the first. are not. tion God and love, outside the saying anything critical, knows that civility in that soci- Ladies and gentlemen, this Carter was the midwife that COme before you this time Jewish community. Well, just recently, a new ety does not exist, that rude- is what our silence, our being brought peace between Egypt to point to the right- But that attitude of 'Israel report concluded that Israel's ness is a way of life. Israel's best friends, we think, and Israel, which changed ev- :laim they sup- always right' hurts Israel even drinking water reservoirs are Again, that does not have to has wrought, erything for the better. Bush but whose defini- more than it does the Ameri- largely unfit for human con- be. That is not the Jewish way. We do Israel no favor by fail- the first got Israel and the Ar- israelholds can Jewish community, sumption.Andifthatisnotbad Butagainsomuchofthatsoci- ingtobetrulygoodfriendsand abs to sit down together for the just about everything, Israel is an amazing, won- enough, it also found that air ety makes things needlessly pointingoutwhere it iswrong, very first time, which changed the Palestinians keep derful place. What it has ac- pollution in several Israeli cit- difficult, so much rewards the When the historyoftheAmeri- everything for the better. grate- complished in a bit over 50 ies has reached carcinogenic angry, insulting guy, that it can Jewish community is writ- Those two presidents truly them. years is phenomenal. It has levels, becomes a matter of survival, ten, one of our hugest mis- were goodfriends, not because SOund like Israel'sgone from a desert land, unde- Water they can't drink, air And again, American Jews takes will be that we defined they did everything Israel but they veloped, populated by the bat- they can't breathe, are told to keep quiet about it, supporting Israel as pretend- wanted, but because they did lack of willing- teredremnantoftheHolocaust That's what Israel's best to pretend it isn't there, to ing Israel is perfect, what was best for Israel, spoke reality in the face, and with Jews no place else friends, the American Jews, blame the Palestinians for it. Andexpectingourpresidents truth instead of pap. )repare for a sane, secure wanted, into a military, eco- havegivenIsraeloutofourfear God forbid, we should tell Is- to do the same. It's about time we learned , meir obstinate mouth- nomic, cultural, technological of criticizing it. raelis to get their acts together Too many Jews love George what true friendship is and history, superpower. Our'Israelalwaysright'atti- and learn to be nice. Just be W. because he says lots of in- started treating Israel, now insistence on Butitain'tperfect.ltis, after tude has also resulted in an nice. credibly supportive things more than 50, as the mature or the highway, is all, not just a country, but a increasingmobpresencein the But no, we can't. And so the about Israel, babies Sharon, adult it is, and started actingas forvery Jewish country. I've always country, society becomes coarser and dumpsalloverArafat.Sincewe the mature adults we, the ; for Israel thought of Israel as one big Yes, mob, as in "The Sopra- coarser. Just last week, Yair make out like Israel is always American Jewish community, you this shul, and anyone who belongs nos." Only this time, they eat Peretz, a Knesset member of right abouteverythingandcan almost 350, should be. ~following to a shul knows they don't al- falafels. being sweet to Is- ways work most efficiently or Israel is a country where bad for Israel most in keeping with Jewish beating the system is a way of ,rig tough with Is-values, life, where those who cut cor- the second layer according to be good for Is- And so it is with Israel. And ners win rewards, where play- Maimonides is the product of ing by the rules makes you our last prophets, Haggai, of.that's nothing to be ashamedboth a sucker and a loser. Zechariah, and Malachi, to- into belier- What there is to be ashamed That sthe realityanyonewho gether with 120 elders who SUpporting Israel of is pretending that Israel is haslivedinIsraelknows.Again, arranged the Eighteen Bene- some kind of Garden of Eden most Israelis are good, God- dictions, the Amidah for us. In on earth, full only of angels, fearing people. Jewish prayer it the learned and unlearned important, where every policy is holy and It ain't their fault that they may be equ41, the former add- of our Jewish every action pure. live in a country whose out- By Rabbi R. J. Adler life, evil is all that serves death, ing nothing to it, the latter never ever say AndthatAmericanJewshave dated socialist economic prac- God is-reverence for life, all omitting nothing from it. remotely, even no right to point out its foibles tices, and insane political sys- that - enhances life, growth, My favorite prayer comes of Israel, neverand failings, its mistakes and tern reminiscent of Tamany and unfolding. Evil is all that from the Talmud (Berachot 1 yes, itssins. Hall, havecreatedasystemthat stifles life, narrows it down, 6b) and is recited on the Well, more and more, that not only rewards corruption, cuts it into pieces. Joy is virtu- Shabbat prior to Rosh is how we have come attitude is coming home to butpracticallyinstitutionalizes ous;sadness is sinful.Another Chodesh, it reads as follows; .That roost in ways that are hurting it. unusual realist put it this way; "May it be Thy will to grant blind, deaf and Israel big time. That's the fact. But againwe "Everything man says about us long life, a life of peace, For years and years, manyof are not allowed to say that. We God is pure guesswork. But goodness, blessing, suste- ,candono us have point d out that, when can't point to the need to since I believe in God's exist- nance and vigor, alifemarked never does anything it comes to the environment, change things, to make things ence and since God created byfearofsinandfreedomfrom : never ever come Israel is a disgrace. Israel is a better. By being silent and see- man and formed his brain, I shame and confusion, a life of pap-filled country where consumering no evil we are, we think, believealsothattheremustbe prosperityandhonor, inwhich American Jews. rights mean nothing, where Israe!jsbest friends, something of the divine in we maybeimbuedwithloveof men'sideaaboutHimandeven Torah and fear of Heaven, a HERITAGE welcomes and encourages letters to the editor, but they must be Land to our enemies, our People will have no place to come back to after all that we Rabbinical T ughts Judaism has some special rules regarding prayer; one, it has a prescribed text, two, it prefers communal over pri- vate worship. As a matter of fact, some special devotions can only take place in the com- pany of ten adults. For public prayer there is a leader, called chazan, but no one can say a. prayer for you not even the rabbi. The individual Jew ad- dresses himself directly to the Almighty. In order for wor- ship tobe successful, one must believe in God and be able to have some image of the deity. In Judaism three major quali- ties come to nMnd, he is the if they are far from adequate." life in which all our heart's AS to origin of our prayers; desires for- good shall be ful- the first came from our Torah, filled." Amen typed or printed and include name and have gone through during the creator, liberator (Egypt)and phone number. We will withhold yourcenturies of persecution and lawgiver (Torah). It is also es- nameifyou so request. Please limit letters wandering. When Israel be- sential to know the principal r ~ '" to250words Due to space limitations, we came a State in 1948; it was content of Jewish prayer in / ~'~I/[~IAr~llwI [[~[A A[~ reservetherighttoeditletters.Sendletters the first time after thousands ordertojoininwiththerestof I T[J~K[Y ARE I PAK~'I'A~ ARE to P.O. Box 300742, Fern Park, FL32730. of years that we finally got the group. Generally speak- O~fl@a-oi:com-> back our own land that was ing, Jewish prayer is praising ] SHAKU~G HAt~DS I ~TTING COZY stolen from us. And now you, God, asking for the normal Dina, want to make deals with needs of the individual, prom- e West Bank Outpost? our enemies and those who ising loyalty to Him and His call for our non-existence. Torah; it also refers to His pro- Editon Why are people like Di I think to give away any part tection and a promising fu- naso ofourlandwouldbediametri- ture for the Jewish people. ,w~!h dismay your ready to give away our l~r m- cally opposed to what G-d has It has been said that acen- i,~u~ ~y Dina Kraft ised Land~ Land G-d gave to us given to His People. tral and original idea in Juda- ~tsi~ o' 'Illegal West way back in Genesis, also felt- If you read all the Biblical ism is that God and man are th ' erated in Joshua (Moses sec- accounts of Israel succeeding partners andthat God needsa ought was if this ond in command). I believe over her enemies, I believe it committed, dedicated group by an en- the Tenach and the Prophets was because a G=dly few stood of men and women for that could under- contents, :lifferent the reports or some of Israi ! but if this le ishwoman [ to at large my opinion what s is what the ff G-d) has to and the Jew- are fullofG-d'spromisesabout forwas right, and like Gideon's purpose. Others have defined returning the Jewish people army, wemaybesmallinnum- prayer as the search for har- to the Land ofEretz Israeland ber who stand alongside and mony between man and God, the great aliyah to take place support and pray for the peace the quest for communion be- inthelatterdays spokenabout of Jerusalem - but Gideon had tween the finite and the infi- by the prophets Isaiah and a very powerful army, and he nite. For some of us it is quite Jeremiah. overcame with only 300 men important to recognize that Maybe Kraft does not seek chosen out of 32,000.God is not only out there, far G-d or His promises for His I hope and pray that your away from the world but it is land and people, but there are readers do not side with politi- important to realize that He is many who do and who stand cal correctness, but under- also in there, in the deepest on the promises of G-d and stand that "those who bless recesses of the soul. not the politically correct am- Israel will be blessed. Eric Fromm, relates God to bassadors of our times. SYLVIA PAGANOgood and evil when he sug- If we keep giving away our Winter Springs geststhatgoodisallthatserves