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January 11, 1980     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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January 11, 1980

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Page 4, HERITAGE, Florida Jewish News. January 1 !, 1960 Editor's Desk By Oene Starn, Bditor & Publisher Aid f,,,..r Israel... U.S. and Uncle Sam It's that time again, when the Jewish Federa- tion starts ringing doorbells and telephones and buttonholing everybody for a pledge to the 1980 campaign. But this year there is no need to dream up a new excuse or, failing that, to leave town for a few months. This year, the campaigns are more sophisticated, more enlightening as well as entertaining. Whether you listen to Senator Jake Javitz (R-N.Y.) who is speaking in St_ Petersburg, or hear Theodore Bikel, Hershel Bernardi, et. al., in Orlando, you will come away feeling excep- tionally good about making an increased con- tribution in 1980. Just reading the daily paper or watching the news on TV gives you ample reason to support this year's campaigns as never before. Like most of you, we don't always agree with what goes on in Israel. And like most of you, we don't always care about some of the goings on in Jewish life in our own community. But as long as we consider ourselves Jews-- and not necessarily in the religious sense--we owe it to ourselves to participate in this gigantic fund-raising effort. Just keep in mind that a good portion of the money pledged is going to help Jewish causes here at home--to help make being Jewish a little easier for some and a lot better for all of us. Even if we don't directly benefit from some of the agencies who receive the funds, we can't help but profit from the general improvement, the enhanced public image of American Jewry that the money helps bring about. As for the money used to aid Jews in other countries, principally Israel, keep in mind that it is a welfare contribution, not arms endowment This year, there is no need to go 'underground' during the campaign, in fact, you could go one better by even volunteering to help on the campaign committee. There is no other country in the world that has done so much for American interests and, at the same time, is so in need of American assistance, as the State of Israel. A PALESTINIAN STATE! (continued from page 1) Alexandria from Jordanian army positions. Jer- usalem was bordered on three sides by Jordan's Arab Legion. The importance of strategic depth for Israel was dramatically illustrated in the Yom Kippur War when Israel was taken by surpdse and both Egypt and Syria made substantial territorial gains, The threat posed by these gains, the pamphlet stresses, was mitigated to a large extent by the distance of the lines from the heartland of Israel. Had the Arab attack been launched from the pre-1967 armistice lines, Israel would have been sliced in two, Jerusalem cut off from the rest of the country and the major centers of population would have been overrun by enemy forces. Controlling the Air Space Israel's entire air space could be fully controlled from the areas of a Pales tin- ian state. Ben Gurion Airport would be within easy range of the simplest anti- aircraft missiles, which could be deployed from across the pre-1967 armistice lines. Anti-aircraft missiles would control almost all of Israel's air space and Would thus pose a constant threat to the country's main com- munications link with the rest of the world. The effectiveness of Israers Air Force would be severely impaired as would be its preemptive capability. eA Palestinian state would serve as a launching-pad for attack upon Israel by radical and uncompromising Arab states, and as a base for assaults by the various terrorists that might well continue operating independently of a centralized, responsible Palestinian govemmenL The pamphlet claims, moreover, that the range and the destructive capacity of the artillery in Arab arsenals has more than doubled since 1967. The terrorist organizations, too, have acquired substantial quantities of artillery and rockets from the Soviet Union and other sources. Consequently, more than 90 percent of Israel's cMlian population and industrial infrastructure would be within comfortable range, and therefore vulnerable, if a Palestinian state were established on the West Bank and Gaza. and Economic Inbll A Palestinian state would lack political and economic stability and thus would catalyze general regional destabilization. The pamphlet points out that the areas of Judaea, Samaria Isrnailia Cairo uez EGYPT MAP SHOWING the ceaseflre lines and Gaza would have no natural resources, extremely limited farm- lands and underdeveloped industrial infrastructure. Industry today accounts for only some nine percent of the local gross national product. There is an extreme- ly high population density and a basically unskilled work force. Consequently, according to the pamphlet, there is little chance of economic independence in the fore- seeable future, and a Palestinian state in these regions in the final analysis would become an international welfare case. Moreover, because of the short warning time available to Israeli decision-makers, if military control over the West Bank were to be re- linquished, the basic defense posture of the Israel defense forces would have to be based on worst-case assump- tions, necessitating a no-risk preempUve policy. Also given the fear that the West Bank under the PLO would be a base for ongoing irregular terror activity, the danger of a small incident resulting in a general destabilization would always be possible. Israel believes that R would not be iP the interest of world peace that Israel be placed in the strategic and tactical position of not having enough lead time to allow for fail-safe procedures before responding. r'lor would it be in anyone's interest to place Israel in the position of having to take ongoing military measures in SYRIA SAUDI ARABIA .=-=...o- :::::::::: Areas Captured ..... by Israel after the 1967 Six.Day War. response to unbridled terrorism which could escalate into war. A Palestinian state would inevi- tably become a "Soviet satellite on Israel's doorstep." The pamphlet argues that Moscow would have predominant influence in a Pales-- tinian state as the USSR and the PLO share th e common aim of sabotaging both Western and Israeli interests in the Middle East. Therefore, a PLO state on Israel's frontier would provide the Soviet Union with yet another foothold in the Middle East and constitute yet another blow to the Western sphere of influence in the region. Finally, the pamphlet denies the contention that Israel's security fears would be eliminated if the proposed Palestinian state were to be demili- tarized. The document claims that with the inherent lack of control which would exist in a state composed of political factions dedicated to armed struggle, demilitaon is not a viable expec- tation. The .threat to Israel, it is stressed, is not necessarily exclusively expressed in a scenario of total war but it Is not less real in terms of ongoing harassment by irregular forces aimed at the country's most sensitive areas. In the given current political reality, the pamphlet concludes, with the PLO widely accepted as the self-appointed representative of the Palestinian people, Israel cannot accept the dubious security afforded by the promise of West Bank demilitarization. WA00T00n KHCetNI KIJNq & f5 0 ARoN & Israel is a stable, reliable, United States in the middle of a unstable, undemocratic countries friends of questionable reliability on to oppose U.S. interests at The intelligence alone that it has country--about the region and the Soviet weapons and the performanC ei American arms--is unsurpassed. We mention this, not in con Federation campaigns that are to aid Israel's social welfare, asked President Carter for additional economic assistance in light of their energy and defense costs. Presiden t far, has halted at the $1.785 billion scheduled to receive. One thing Washington need not to Jerusalem will be wasted or, eventually be used against the U.S. the arms sold to Iran are now in is the weaponry given to South this happens in Israel. Our administration should be grateful that an ally such as Middle East today. And as Jewish must continually remind our officia Is' sentatives of this, instead of or fence-straddling in the hopes that' a friend will tum up. It's time they for all that there is no better to American to greatness than by friends. Shmeichels Joe received a large bill for goods and Completely satisfied, he paid the bill tion. At the end of the month he received the computer printout showing a zero The second month another com balance. Knowing the bill was paid. Joe The third month: a statement was the zero balance. After calling the to the computer department, Joe felt the The fourth month: with "'If this matter ' ignored legal action will be taken." explained the bill was paid in full By the fifth month a stronger received. Joe concludes the only is to mail a check. It reads: Payable to and (90/100 dollars. "" That's right. Within a few days Joe recei full'" statement. Reaching 55; and P1nellas editions. 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