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January 4, 1980     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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January 4, 1980

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Page 4. HERITAGE, Florida Jewish News, January 4, 1980 Stmeichels A very ptous rabbi passed away and reached Heaven, where he was welcomed by the Lord. When breakfast came, an angel served him a piece of toast and tea. The rabbi looked at the humble meal but did not say a word. A little while later he looked down to The Other Place and saw many people down there eating. breakfast, which included everything from cereal to eggs and fresh fruits, bagel and Iox. But the pious rabbi did not say a word. At lunchtime the angel prepared two pieces of toasL a plain cup of tea and a little buttel. The pious rabbi finished the meal. As he walked around in hunger, he looked down at The Other Place and saw the people down there stuffing themselves with blintzes, tons of vegetables, sour cream and berries, and all kinds of delicious cooked fruits. Still the rabbi was silent. Came suppertime, the angel gave the pious rabbi a bowl of plain potato soup, one piece of toast and some tea. He finished the meal and then again looked down at The Other Place. where they were gorging on roast turkey, steaks and all kinds of fine foods. At this point, the rabbi could not control himself. He turned to the angel an.d said, "'1 don't understand it. This is supposed to be Heaven. yet all we have is toast and tea. However, down in The Other Place they eat like kings?" The angel smiled a little uneasily and replied, "'To tell you the truth -- it doesn't pay to cook for just two people!" Editor's Desk By Gene Starn, Editor  Publisher Have a Nice Decade! So we begin a new decade! Our resolutions should certainly be at least 10 times more meaningful than the usual new year resolutions, shouldn't they? Why not try these: --take a greater interest in your Jewish com- munity. Being American and being Jewish is a rare opportunity. It's the best of both worlds and they blend beautifully because our American ideals happen to be based on our very own Jewish law and heritage--freedom, love of mankind, human rights, justice and fairness for all, the pursuit of happiness.., it all comes from the Torah. Take your pick from a fast-growing list of activities at a synagogue, the Jewish centers, the Jewish Federation, and our many great Jewish organizations, to name just a few. Join. Become active. Give of yourself. And don't be at all surprised if you happen to gain much more than what you've given. --try to become more involved in helping our nation toward a more meaningful direction. How? Take a more direct interest in the coming elections, for one. Try to learn what you can about each candidate, especially those who help form our country's policies--the President, our Senators, our Congressmen. Forget how charismatic they look on the tube. Look instead at the specific issues, how they affect you and what the candidate stands for. --follow through after the elections to make sure your off'ials know how you feel about these issues so they can act accordingly. Write more letters to them expressing your view- points. Remind them that you carry a lot of influence among their constituents and that you help control their re-election. --do something nice for Israel. There are a lot of ways you can. Giving money is just one of them, an important one, but just one. Speaking out on behalf of our Jewish state is another. But first you have to learn the "whys" and "why-nots," especially to counteract the Study Finds LA Jews Assimilated LOS ANGELES (JTA)- major career fields. Levine leveling off of the Jewish occasional participation, Estrangement from Jewish said Jews are becoming population since 1970 had suchas 18percentreporting institutions, plus indiffer- saiaded workers and begin- been offset somewhat by a they light Sabbath candles ence to Jewishness, plus a ning to move into the recent influxofsuch"migrat- regularly, while 67 percent falling birthrate, mixed mar- executive suite, ing" Jewish groups as Israeli attend seders, 58 percent dages and de-ghettoization The researchers reported and Iranian Jews. light Hanukah candles, 48 add up to a significant threat that 80 percent of the re- On the positive side, too, percent attend High Holy to the survival of the spondents identified Levine said he was surprised Day services, and 49 percent 472,000-member Jewish themselves as Democrats and comforted that "a large fast on Yom Kippur. community of Los Angeles, and seven percent as percentage" of the Jewish Israel is one of the most according to a new study Republicans. They reported respondents who reported powerful indicators of sponsored by theUniversity 41 percent called them- feeling good about being Jewishness, the study found, of Judaism. selves liberals, five percent Jews, after the Jewish self- with 65 percent viewing radicals and 16 percent hatred of the 20s, 30s and Israel as a place where Jews The study was directed by conservatives -- in contrast 40s. He said "fear of being can decide their own destiny Dr. Nell Sandberg, director tothegrowingideathatJews found Jewish" had disap- and 33 percent see it as an of the western region of the are becoming politicallycon- peared, adding that 93 "insurance policy" for American Jewish Commit- servative, percent of the respondents American Jews. Most, 83 tee, and Dr. Gene Levine, Confusions stemming said they were very glad they percent, said they were professor of sociology at the from changing conditions had been born Jews. willing to influence United UniversityofCaliforniaatLos were reflected in a finding States policy toward Israel. Angeles. The two-year study He reported young edu- was financed by a $28,000 that 88 percent said they felt cated Jews "care very However, 83 percent said grant from the university, Jews should work to end much" about" their Jewish theyhadneverbelongedtoa racial discrimination but only future but that the institu- Zionist organization and 7I according to a report in the 40 percent approved busing tions "have not been able" to percent said they had never Los Angeles "rimes. of children, reach out effectively to them. visited Israel. Among the key findings in Sandberg said Jews were He declared that the While few young Jews the study is that 40 percent resentful and concerned movement away from reported experiencing anti- of Los Angeles Jews are about the recent "mission" Jewish institutions to Semitism, they have "a "economically marginal," of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, informal expression of pretty high level of anxiety" with annual incomes of the Chicago Black activist Jewishness meant those about it and 59 percent said under $15,000 a year, while leader, to the Middle East, activities "may not be trans- they would be willing to use only 23 percent earn but that what was really mittable" to future genera- force to oppose Nazi-type $40,000 a year or more. important was evidence of tions of Jews. Among groups in this country. Sandberg told the mes widespread Jewish support changing attitudes was a The study found l g that "the high visibility of for the city's Black mayor, finding that 54 percent feel percent of the respordents well-to-do Jews ' hides "the Thomas Bradley. women should be part of the are married to non-Jews and fact" there are Jews "in dire Reiterating a widely- minyan and 73 percent that children of 26 percent of economic straits at all ages." accepted _ belief among favored women becoming intermarried couples are Jewish observers that "the rabbis, married to non-Jews. While the study shows a strong The survey found that 37 unprecedented freedom that The report found that 29 pattern of association of ercent of the 413 Jews today enjoy in the percents aid they belonged Jews with Jews, it found that respondents making up the United States could be the to a synagogue -- 19 only 24 percent live in a sample were self-employed greatest threat to their percent Orthodox; 47 Jewish neighborhood and that, among Jews survival." currently, medicine, law, percent Conservative and 32 compared to 40 percent who accounting, teaching and He added that the percent Reform. However, grew up in such neighbor- social work continue to be declining birthrate ancl theyclingtoreligionthrough hoods. tremendous world propaganda waged by her Arab enemies. Provide help through donating clothing to And it would be nice for both Israel yourself to pay a visit to this country. --help conserve energy. Don't just it, or talk about it. Do something. forced to carpool, gas-up on alternate! have driver-less Mondays or Sundays, [ gallon taxes, or even have it rationed., something to conserve gasoline and electricity. Energy is the main cause inflation, the principal reason that domestic and foreign policies are around. We are being blackmailed bY t powers and the sooner we get out of grips, the better we will be. Let's try to improve our relationships' ourselves, our family, our neighbors world.., to make the next 10 years enjoyable 80's. From all of us at HERITAGE, have new year and... Have a nice decade! HERITAGE welcomes and encourages letters to the editor We will withhold space limitations. Box 742, Fem Park, FL 72730. Readers Vehement re Birth Dear Editor: also in ever When we lived off the land running out and provided our own sus- resources. tenance, an extra mouth to Be fruitful feed presented no problem, might have Mothers nursed the baby until advice in the the child was almost three is not quite years old. Extra seedlings were course, the planted to be used to feed that as Jews, child. Sure it was a hard life, religion will but one much more existent is not condusive to child rearing. Pograms, Beck then, of course, there etc., have was no option as birth control, diminished Today it's a bit different. The good is having, supermarket is our farm, with once-a-year prices rising faster than better to have salaries. Our present day pracicingJeW "horse" eats $20 to $25 a week Converts have in "feed." Clothing is store welcomewithin( bought. And don't forget the conversion is orthodontists (we always had the rabbi straight teeth), hair stylists (no Besides one is a barber anymore), very definite shoe stores, etc. Just to live everyone else. within the poverty level a usefulness if family of four needs $20,000 a he has other year. True, we eat better now and we are healthier. This t/iBt/ st/ st/t/ t/ Dear Editor: are To be honest, 1 was dis- ogies ridiculoUS" gusted at the article by Gila I'm as Berkowitz (Dec. 21). Her Jewish survival arguments contain the usual the fact insults hurled at nonparent- parenthood is hood and people who have vidual--male chosen it. As one of the Jewish or magazine writers she so personal choice scorns points out, those decid- need ing against parenthood are Berkowitzes accused of being everything to do. from selfish to infantile. Ms. Berkowitz's generalizations Reaching 55,000 Jewish readers each week and Pinellas editions. Published by Heritage Jewish News, Inc., 207 O'Brien Road, Fern Second-class postage paid at Fern Park, mailing offices. Subscriptions: $11.00 per calendar year to ($].(30 more to the rest of the U.S.) and thereafter. Mailing Address: P.O. 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